Microsoft Investigating GTA Leak

Take-Two ships Grand Theft Auto IV to retailers, a few store clerks make it home with a copy…and the rest is now internet history.

A number of videos of the game being played have spread across the web in the days since the it’s leak. Subsequently, Take-Two’s PR force has demanded the videos be taken down. What remains to be seen is how Take-Two, Microsoft and Sony plan to handle the hundreds (or quite possibly thousands) of illegal downloads taking place as I’m writing this piece. Given the time the employees at Rockstar put into the game, it’s a downright shame to see it happening.

What is apparent is that Microsoft isn’t sitting idle. According to Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, he isn’t able to comment on the situation due to the “need to look into this further.” Does that involve checking GamerCards, tracing them to a MySpace account and sending the law after them? In all honesty, I doubt that such a thing will ever happen.

Best case scenario is that these leaks be traced back to the individual retail stores in which the stolen copies originated. That could prove difficult if the leaks originated internationally.

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