Microsoft Gives Japan Another Price Cut to Ignore

The holiday season is gearing up, and the smart money says that Microsoft is in for a firm ass-kicking in the East. They know it too, which is why they’re pulling out all the stops trying to appeal to Japanese consumers. Aside from offering them games they actually want, of course.

As of November 1st, the Xbox 360 Premium bundle will be selling in Japan for 34,800 yen ($305), a drop of approximately 5000 yen. The Core bundle will be getting a 2,000 yen price cut to 27,800 yen ($244).

Microsoft is also introducing the latest in their line of bundles that Western gamers would love but will never see, which includes the Premium Xbox 360, and copies of Forza Motorsport 2 and Viva Pinata. The new bundle will sell for the same price as the stand-alone Premium bundle (34,800 yen), which begs the obvious question ‘Why would any consumer buy the stand-alone kit when they can get two games free for the same price?’