Microsoft Faces Lawsuit over Scratched Game Discs

A Florida citizen has filed suit against Microsoft over an alleged flaw in the Xbox 360’s design that is causing “destructive scratches” to game discs.

The lawsuit, filed by Mr. Jorge Brouwer, states that Microsoft has refused to reimburse him of damaged software, and seeks a minimum of $5 million in damages. The suit comes after game rental company Gamefly sent out e-mail messages warning their customers about the possibility of scratching game discs if the console was moved with the disc in-tact.

“[Microsoft doesn’t] tell you not to move the tower,” said Jeffrey M. Ostrow, Brouwer’s. Ostrow states the company replaced the discs it published itself, but included a $20 fee. The recently extended warranty to three years gives proof that the company has finally taken notice, although one has to wonder if it’s too little too late.

Rumors swirling through the depths of the business world suggest that Microsoft may be going so far as to provide an entirely revised hardware model that would presumably eliminate many of the overheating problems as well the possibility of solving other issues such as scratched discs. Stay tuned for updates.