Microsoft Expects Sony’s Home to Struggle

With Microsoft flying high with its Xbox Live service, many have to wonder what type of impact Sony’s Home release will have on its competitors.

In the midst of an Xbox 360 preview event in Tokyo, Pocket-lint caught up with a Microsoft exec to find out how they were handling Sony’s online service, PlayStation Home. “I think Sony will struggle,” John Rooke, Microsoft’s UK marketing manager said. He continued to say the company expects an increase of 7.1 million Live users by next year’s E3.

“Lots of people complained when we launched Xbox Live about our rigorous standards, but it has meant that now we can offer a complete service that works every time, for everyone,” Rooke concluded.

Overconfident? Perhaps, though Live won’t really be threatened until Home’s release next year. Plenty of time for Microsoft to add some solid firmware updates to keep us interested.