Microsoft Dabling in 3D Gaming

Well, I guess the first question for all of this is whether or not you’d be willing to wear headgear to play incredibly intense video games. Me? If a game involves some 3D slaughter and all I have to do is make a fool of myself in order to get in on that action then, well, sign me up.

Microsoft has been experimenting with 3D gaming recently, but have seen the headgear factor as a potential party pooper. I don’t know why.

XNA General Manager, Chris Satchell, recently spoke with about 3D gaming and its future, or lack there of.

Here’s what he said:

This is a very interesting area of graphics technology. We have done experiments with this at Microsoft and the results are extremely interesting. However, the current systems that work well require wearing active shutter glasses and I think it is hard to be mainstream with asking people to wear headgear to play games.

There is some very interesting technology being developed that can overcome this obstacle and it will be interesting to see where this leads. So, some way to go yet. I love that some developers are experimenting along this path. It is a great way to move industry technology forward.