Metal Slug 7 Exclusive to DS

Famitsu has revealed that Metal Slug 7 will be the first Metal Slug to appear on the DS and that players will only to be ale to play it on Nintendo’s handheld.

No other information has been announced at this time, expect more information when SNK officially announces the title. It can be expected that Metal Slug 7 will use the DS’ touch screen and possibly online or local co-op modes.

Metal Slug 6 was released last year for the arcades and was advertised as the “Final Mission.” It also appeared in the Metal Slug Anthology along with a collection of older Metal Slug titles.

The run and gun franchise has been around since 1996 . Players took part in the side-scrolling action against the “Regular Amry” utilizing what ever power-ups they could find along the way.

AMN will keep you updated.