Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Cheats: XOF Patch locations

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a pretty fantastic game, even if it ends a little too abruptly. To be fair, there is a lot to do post main mission, whether it's the five Side Ops missions, or replaying the main mission to get a better grade, or collect all the items.

Littered across the map are nine different XOF Patches. They're usually pretty hard to spot and in tough areas to notice. We're going to make this easy for you and tell you how to collect all nine of them.

XOF Patch #1
Location: When you first start playing as Snake in the Ground Zeroes mission, turn around and walk to the very edge of the ledge. The first patch will be there.

XOF Patch #2
Location: When you first enter the base through lock-picking the fenced door, head slightly to the left. You'll notice a lot of tents and right before them is a barrel with planks near it. The patch is right there on the ground before the planks.

XOF Patch #3
Location: Head north from the tents where you picked up the second patch, and notice a locked area with three white generators. This location is right above the three larger rectangles that are to the right of the tents when looking at the map. Pick the lock and climb up the generator to get the third patch.

XOF Patch #4
Location: If you head north from the third patch location, toward the more open area with the helipad, you'll notice a patch near a puddle that's right by the helipad icon on the map.

XOF Patch #5
Location: From the fourth patch, head directly north from the helipad to the wall of the facility, and you'll notice a drainage hole. The patch is there.

XOF Patch #6
Location: Once you picked up the patch from the drainage hole, head into the Red Door located along the wall to the left. You'll notice generators immediately on your left. Climb those and then climb on the roof to pick up the next patch on the chimney.

XOF Patch #7
Location: The next patch is the one pictured above. It's on top of a guard station that's on the South East part of the map, directly next to the prison cages. Just climb on top and get the patch.

XOF Patch #8
Location: The next patch is located directly on the ground when you first enter the prison cage area where Chico is being held. Simply unlock the door and step inside to find the patch.

XOF Patch #9
Location: The final patch is not hidden anywhere on the map, but actually on Snake/Big Boss himself. To find it, you need to go prone on the ground and keep rolling. After a few rolls, the patch will come off of Snake.