Metal Gear Movie in the Works

According to Gamespot, a live-action Metal Gear movie is now officially in the works, being produced and developed by Sony Pictures. Hideo Kojima’s rather interesting comments from last year’s E3 lent credence to the film’s existence, but no one was sure if it would actually be made. The rumors have been put to rest with the revelation of Sony Pictures’ involvement with the project.

“We’re working with the Metal Gear guys,” Yair Landau, Sony Pictures Entertainment vice-chairman, told GameSpot. “It’s a very cinematic game, it really lends itself to movie telling. But the question is, ‘How do you translate Snake’s experience into a full arc that conforms to what audiences expect on the large screen?'”

Landau declined to mention the name of the producer, cast, or any other information aside from his studio’s involvement with the film.

He also hinted at more video game movie adaptations to come.

“There are other games we are looking to develop,” the executive said. “We’re working with one of my favorite producers right now on an idea for an EverQuest movie.” The producer was apparently of such stature that Landau declined to name him. “I’ll let him disclose that.”