Ignition Entertainment and Awsome Studios are underway to be the first company to produce a Puzzle game for the PSP. While puzzle games have been fun in the past, many of them don’t really live up to the potental of the handheld. Mercury is set out to prove that Puzzle games can be fun, and look good. Due to release around the time of the PSP launch in North America, Mercury is definitely a title worth looking into.

Mercury seems to take some hints from previous games like Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble. In Mercury you have to tilt the level in order for the mercury blob to roll to its destination. However, some new gameplay enhancing additions seem to be in store for Mercury, according to developer Archer Maclean. Instead of clicking buttons or moving the anolog stick to tilt the level, you may actually just be able to tilt your PSP. This is made possible by a “a very precise motion sensor peripheral”, that comes packaged with the game. This should allow for some interesting ways to complete levels. Sometimes you will even be required to split your Mercury into multiple balls as you try to unlock gates and switches. Most of the mazes will require you to think outside the box in order to complete the level. The controls look fairly simple and the learning curve should only be a matter of minutes.

The graphics don’t match up with the type of games we are used to today, but for a handheld, Mercury looks to impress. The game seems to push the PSP into rendering top notch mazes and the mercury itself. The Shadows, lighting, and reflections are all crisp and clear on the PSP’s beautiful screen. Mercury has a powerful and sophisticated engine that can render every gloopy part of the liquid metal as it bends and melds as it works its way through the maze. You will watch in awe as the digital mercury slides in the direction you want to with the easiest tilt of the handheld. It is truly a revolution in handheld gaming graphics.

“Without exception, everyone who has seen the early versions of Mercury behind the scenes has immediately loved it. It’s an incredible game which will define a new genre. Coding it to run this fast has been staggeringly complicated, yet the results are hugely impressive. We’re delighted to be able to work with Sony Computer Entertainment in making this a PSP launch title. It’s just perfect for the format.” -Archer Maclean at Awesome Studios.

Check out the reflection from that Mercury blob