Mega Man: Powered Up Preview

The venerable 8-bit NES classic, Mega Man, returns with a new look, new game modes, and a powerful and promising custom level editor.

Old Friend With A New Look

The updated anime-inspired look is certainly cute. All of the characters and enemies have been redone in a chibi, or super-deformed style. Brightly colored characters with oversized eyes and heads will be in place of the old pixilated sprites of the 8-bit era. The entire game will also be rendered in full 3D, so characters will move around fluidly and spectacular effects will pop on the screen.

Although the visuals have been updated, the gameplay remains the same, which is to say it still as solid and challenging as the original. In addition to the classic gameplay, there will also be an actual story with bits of dialogue and cut scenes. There are also new gameplay modes, including the Mega Man Challenge mode which features 100 rooms with varying objectives which will truly put the seasoned vet’s skills to the test. Another interesting feature that should put a twist on the standard gameplay is that you’ll be able to play levels as the bosses you’ve defeated.

Oh Yeah, There Is Something Called A Level Editor!

The feature that is most talked about, however, is the custom level editor. This built-in editor allows the player to create all new levels and even share them with other gamers via the PSP’s wireless internet connection. The prospect of being able to download and play new levels made by other Mega Man fanatics around the world makes this game worth the price of admission alone. The level editor has the potential to add a lot of replayability to this game.

Time To Power Up

Mega Man Powered Up should introduce many new gamers to the classic game that got many veteran gamers hooked on the blue bomber. The fresh coat of paint with familiar faces and places will be a welcome addition after seeing the Mega Man X remake go over so well. The level editor will be sure and give a long life to the game and give fans of the series something they have always secretly wanted, a chance to make a Mega Man level so challenging, so twisted, and so evil nobody will be able to get past it.

Look for Mega Man’s uber-cute and feature laden remix this month, March 14th.