Mega Man 3 Coming to Virtual Console, Possibly Other Platforms?

Lot of Mega Man news today… which is impressive, considering his presence at the Tokyo Game Show is hardly staggering. In fact, short of Star Force 3 and the recently-released Mega Man 9, I’m not sure there’s much more than the Roll reveal.

In any event, thanks to GoNintendo via The Mega Man Network, what you see above is the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification’s rating for the greatest Mega Man title ever (assuming you’re talking to the right people), Mega Man 3 for the NES.

What’s interesting is that Nintendo applied for the classification, but it’s still labeled as multiplatform. Might Xbox and PlayStation get a little loving?

Incidently, the discontinuation of the Powered Up series disappoints me, as I had really hoped that the remake of Mega Man 3 would have given Inafune the chance to properly finish making the game.