Mega Brain Boost

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What the Game’s About
Mega Brain Boost is a collection of memory games along the same vein as Brain Training. Boost your mental capacity with a variety of mini-games that involve numbers, patterns and colors. Mega Brain Boost is actually 3 games in 1. In one package you get Brain Boost Gamma Wave and Brain Boost Beta Wave and a third, unreleased Brain Boost game we can only assume was code named “Brain Boost Alpha Wave.”

What’s Hot
Brain Boost is riding the wave of the continued success of “training games.” Aimed specifically at non-gamers, you’ll see many of the same tricks that Nintendo uses in the Brain Age series. However, Brain Boost wants you to develop your right brain above all else. Brain Boost consulted with Makoto Shichida who founded the Shichida Educational Institute that researches daily training of simple tasks.

To Brain Boost’s credit, some of the games are very challenging at first but get easier over time. So, in that respect, something must be working. Not only do the games feel like they improve some mental capacity, the game is easier to pick up and set down than Brain Age is, making it slightly more accessible for non-gamers.

Value is another positive feature of Brain Boost. You are essentially getting 3 games for $19.99. Because each game has been sold separately, some of the value might be lost on gamers that have picked up one of the versions included but for the low price point, you can’t argue too much for what you are getting.

What’s Not
For a game targeted at the casual non-gamer, there are some design aspects that would turn them away. When you select training games from the menu, many of the touch buttons are small, like there is too much being squeezed into the screen. The primary color text on a grey background will make young players squint trying to read the training game titles.

Another issue arises in the fact that in all the games, you only have to tap the screen for an answer. Where in games like Brain Age, you are making use of image recognition to write out answers and the microphone to say answers, Brain Boost is confined to tapping the correct answer. So, overall, you usually have a 1 in 4 chance of getting the correct answer no matter what.

As you play over the course of a few days, you notice that Brain Boost doesn’t keep track of your progress that well. It does keep track of high scores so you know what score to beat but a progress report of any kind is sorely missing.

Final Word
In terms of casual friendly training games, Mega Brain Boost is a good game. The problem is that it lacks the subtle refinements that would have improved the game considerably. However, the value of getting 3 games in 1 package is something to consider and with most of the games being rather clever, it is not a bad purchase.