Media: Trailer for Nyko’s Wand Wii Controller

Yesterday, we brought news of Nyko’s newest addition to their third-party family of Wii products, known as The Wand.

Today, you can see a trailer/promo reel for it, presumably being shown at CES ’09:

Though it looks a touch odd, I do have to wonder about some of the features, such as the analog buttons. I’m not sure, but are the regular Wii remote’s buttons analog? If not, then what good would they be, unless someone made games specifically with that in mind, which they aren’t likely to if the Nintendo Wii remotes can’t use the function?

I’m also curious about mixing and matching components; the gun handle has an A button on the back, for example, which I can see being handy for something like say, Metroid Prime 3. But would a regular Wii remote work in that shell? Could a Nintendo Nunchuk attachment work through it? Or do you have to match Nyko products with Nyko products?

Hopefully, we’ll have further information about the full potential — and limits — of these new items soon.