Media: The Conduit Multiplayer Trailer, GameStop Limited Edition Info, and New Release Date?

GameStop has revealed that they are offering an “Exclusive Limited Edition” of The Conduit for those who preorder. Their website reveals that those who preorder the game from them will receive:

  • 24-Page art book featuring exclusive concept art and digital imagery sharing the creative process in bringing the world of The Conduit to life.
  • The in-game “All Seeing Eye” (A.S.E.) Device featuring custom detailing and projected light. Allowing you to unlock puzzles and discover the secrets of The Conduit
  • “Secret Agent” Multiplayer skin which helps you dominate your enemies in intense multiplayer battles.

All for $49.99. Not too shabby.

SEGA has also released a new trailer to show off the game’s multiplayer, but unfortunately, it may bring some bad news with it.

“Coming Summer 2009.” Wasn’t this a Spring release?

GameStop seems to have taken the change into account on their website, too, but at least their take doesn’t seem so bad; it’s only moved back two weeks to the 23rd of June.