Media: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing – DS Demo, Toys, Ryo Euro DLC Info, and Framerate

Several items to touch upon with Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing today, and it’s tough to pick where to start. So let’s just take it from the top.

First, Sonic City Blognik has an update for our friends in Europe who want to know where to get the Forklift Ryo pre-order bonus. and GAME are the spots in the United Kingdom, while GAME also covers Spain, and Benalux can get it from Word is that Australia might get it from JB HiFi, but that is unconfirmed.

So go forth, pre-order, download, and tell all the other racers “fork you!!”

Next, it Sonic Stadium reports that Nintendo has added a demo for the DS version of the game to the U.S. Nintendo Channel this week, and have provided the following video:

All in all, it looks like a decent port of the console big brothers, though I can see what some reviews mean about the screen proportions not seeming to be accounted for as well as they could have been.

And speaking of the console big brothers, good news for those on the Xbox 360 front whose tickets for LIVE are checked with “Silver” instead of “Gold:” you can now download the demo that was posted a week ago. PlayStation 3 peeps, you still have to wait to see if you’ll get it this week.

So long as we’re on the topic of the 360 version, there has been some controversy over the game’s frame rate. What was said to be a “full copy” was shown at the Alton Towers hotel debut of the Sonic Spinball roller coaster in the U.K., and people expressed concerns over a frame rate which seemed to dip to around an inconsistent 30 frames per second, and 15 on four-player split-screen.

Executive Producer Steve Lycett spoke up on the NeoGAF, stating “As for 4p splitscreen on 360 being 15fps? Not sure what code they showed, but it sure wasn’t final code if that’s the case :P”

“In fact,” he added, “thanks to some last minute tinkering, no-one outside of Sumo and SEGA has seen final 360 framerate – and won’t do till day one :)”

In TSSZ News’ report, they cite it as a “pretty unique strategy–and also perhaps not a very smart one,” as it sounds as though reviewers (such as those who have already published their findings in print publications) have found themselves with non-final copies that could potentially affect the game’s score.

And finally, Toy Fair 2010 took place this past weekend, and among other lines presented was Jazwares’ Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing line of toys, which itself seems to be a part of their greater Sonic the Hedgehog line:

In addition to the cars with 3-inch figures, such as Sonic here (along with Shadow and Knuckles), there will be smaller-scale versions available, featuring Sonic, Shadow, and Amy Rose. Wave 2 will have Eggman, Tails, and Knuckles before the line broadens its horizons with AiAi, Amigo, and Beat.

There will also be another comic book two-pack, featuring 3-inch versions of Sonic with Metal Sonic and Amy, respectively, some new “Super Posers” extra-articulated figures in Knuckles and Tails, and possibly some plush toys, which are still pending licensor approval.

You can find more pics and coverage at Toy News International.