Media: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time – Details, Videos, Demos, and QfB Discount

Sony has a lot of good news for fans of the wrench-toting duo of Ratchet & Clank. To celebrate the release of the heroes’ latest (and last?) adventure, they are holding a Community Day in Burbank tomorrow, the 23rd of October. In addition, they’ve dropped the price on the PlayStation Network chapter, Quest for Booty.

They have also released some information on the two demos for A Crack in Time, the first of which is now available in the PlayStation Store. The first, Clank’s demo, follows him through the Great Clock as he learns about his past and how to control new time-manipulating abilities.

Info on Ratchet’s demo has yet to surface, but likely will before its release. For now, two new videos await, the first of which showing off his arsenal:

Wow, so many great gizmos to choose from. The Rift Inducer 5000? I have to admit, there is nothing like a portable means of opening a gateway to an unworldly dimension full of tentacled beings, and unleashing them on your foes.

And then there’s Mr. Zurkon. How can you not love any weapon that could essentially be its own character?

But my favorite? Well, it was a tough choice until the Ryno V appeared on screen. Any weapon that fires that much ordnance to its own theme song in the form of the 1812 Overture has to win.

Seriously. I think I’m in love.

But I know what you’re thinking. “Well, those are great and all, but I prefer to use something with a little more heart and soul, something crafted with my own two hands.”

Fear not, for in this following trailer (complete with Pixar-esque drawings and advertising lingo), you will learn that this game contains three such weapons that allow you to customize to your heart’s content:

It’s like a bucket of LEGO bricks and an Erector Set had a baby, and it’s name was Death. Say that in the Brawndo voice, and it gets that much cooler.

I don’t own a PlayStation 3 (yet), but once I get one (and I will), Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time is definitely a game I’ve got to get.