Media: “Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor” Images, Art, and Japanese Profiles

We haven’t heard much about the game being referred to as “Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor” in some time, much less anything about an American release, but as it turns out, Capcom has a fully armed and operational website, chock full of pictures and information.

Now, if only I could read a single damn word of it beyond “Nintendo DS.”

In any case, we’ve saved you the trouble of navigating foreign virtual soil and posted all the juicy image bits in our gallery for the game, for lack of anything else on the title. You’ll see the return of some old friends, along with some new, all helping out the most badass prosecutor in all of gaming.

…hey, he has to be a badass to go around dressed like Joe Pesci in “My Cousin Vinny.”

Oh, and if you know what any of this stuff says, feel free to pass it on to us via the address at the top-right of the page.