Media: Pole’s Big Adventure – In the Jungle, and in His Pants

When Pole’s Big Adventure was first revealed, SEGA Nerds noted that the game would have a lot of inside jokes, and “apparently in Japanese,” a mushroom (as seen on the teaser site) “is slang for a male’s penis.”

However, there had been no evidence that this was anything more than pure speculation… until now, that is.

Not all mushrooms in Pole’s Big Adventure are deadly. One of them has beneficial effects for Pole… sort of. Early in the fifth level, right before you face jumping ninjas, Pole can grab a mushroom. Eat it, and, well, I think the picture explains it all. Pole’s Big Adventure wasn’t given a CERO B rating and sexual content warning without reason. — Siliconera

We’ve noted before how the game just likes to mess with you whenever it can, but also when you least expect it. Siliconera learned this, noting that the same level mentioned above, “the game gets intentionally buggy by misplacing sprites and suddenly adding NES style slowdown for no reason other than to get a rise out of the player.”

See for yourself:

You can see more of the game’s hijinks in the following video: