Media: New Mega Man 9 Vid Reveals Un-Exclusivity; Journalist Accidently Snaps Own Neck Trying to Kee

What’s awesome: A brand-spanking new English trailer for Mega Man 9, with footage of the opening cutscenes (such as they were back in the day), and a plethora of gameplay footage.

What’s not awesome: At the end, it says it’s available for WiiWare, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network. Not that I have a problem with that, I’m all about sharing the Mega Man love. It’s just that I wish Capcom would make up their friggin’ minds already!

I’m tired of it! When they turn around tomorrow and someone says the video was doctored, I’m not retracting. I’m sure there’s a parallel universe out there where it IS coming out for those two, whether we get it or not, and that is now officially good enough for me!


Ok, in other awesome: Capcom has confirmed that the Virtual Console is getting Mega Man 1 and 2 soon. So we’ll be partway to catching up to Australia, I guess.

As regards the story, it seems there’s a new wrinkle, in that Dr. Light recognizes the Robot Masters going nuts as his own, lending credence to Wily’s claims that Light is the mastermind behind all the anarchy.

Capcom says this title will sport 50 new rampaging robots and bosses to battle, and will indeed sport an online leaderboard ranking system where you can track your score and time against other gamers. And with any luck, Inti Creates won’t be punishing us again for not being pixel perfect.