Media: My Aquarium – Something’s Fishy Trailer

I’m not sure what it is about this WiiWare title but I think it looks pretty good. While it isn’t a game, it still seems like the perfect thing to throw on in the background if you’re having friends over. Yeah, they’ll more than likely laugh at you because of your inability to care for real fish but at least it’s better than throwing on MTV and watching some horrible show like The Hills. Why do people watch that show? I know the girls are good looking but seriously, it’s not a good show.

Back on topic, My Aquarium came out last Monday but was overlooked because of some game with a plumber in it. Watch the trailer and give it a second look. It hasn’t been getting great reviews but you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t look totally awesome if you fired this up when you had a lady friend over. Kind of makes the title of the video seem so appropriate.