Media: More Videos of 3D Dot Game Heroes

We’ve had a look at 3D Dot Game Heroes in the recent past, and as we caught our first glimpse of the game in action, the comments began. “Ha ha, that looks like Zelda!” And so forth.

Well, some new footage has surfaced, and… well, it really doesn’t just look like a take on the Zelda games, but seems to borrow a number of elements. See for yourself:

Leevers, Tektites, boomerangs, burning bushes, bombs, hookshots, and even just the way the character stabs his sword… is there anything about this that doesn’t look derivative of The Legend of Zelda?

People are even going so far as to call the game a rip-off of Nintendo’s prestigious franchise, but a difference in opinion is carried by one writer at Destructoid:

For those who don’t know, 3D Dot Game Heroes is a brilliant looking PS3 parody that pays homage and pokes fun at 8-bit adventure games, with The Legend of Zelda serving as a clear foundation. It’s supposed to have the same look and feel as an old Zelda game. That’s the point and that’s the joke. It’s looking like it’ll be a blast and the design is absolutely gorgeous.

Calling 3D Dot Game Heroes a rip off of Zelda is like saying that The Naked Gun rips off James Bond. Part of the fun of the game is the fact that it does play like Zelda. If you’re going to write the game off just because you don’t have a sense of humor, you’re a fool to yourself. You’re also probably the same kind of person that thinks everybody who is British is just trying to copy Yahtzee.

These and other harsh words await anyone who wishes to see the full rant, but that is the bulk and gist of it right there.

Parody, homage, rip-off… whatever flavor you pick, the game still looks like fun to me. Of course, with the source material, it’s hard to go wrong. And the fact that Nintendo hasn’t made a new Zelda game in this fashion in a while (no, I’m not counting the touchscreen-only DS titles), this may not be such a bad thing after all.

In any event, here are some more short videos of the game in action.

Okay, maybe “action” wasn’t the right word. But at least this one shouldn’t be short on NPC interaction.

Here’s a video with a bit more “oomph,” as it packs in some swordplay:

Okay, homage or not, I’m not sure how big I am on the weird screen-scrolling effect on the overworld here.

So, that was the sword, which was nice, and a bit big. Now, we have the big sword:

Okay, now unless you’re one of those people who like their games so challenging that you would rather there were no swords at all, and would rather just slap everything to death or run away, it’s hard not to appreciate a blade of that size.

Final Fantasy? You’ve just met your match. At least where oversized hardware is concerned.

And finally, this is unexpected: a cameo by oldschool game character Spelunker!

Hmm, looks like he can’t take too much damage from falling or enemies, though.

And that’s that. So, what do you think? Rip-off that you’ll do your best to avoid, should it come West, or a lovely homage that you’ll line up to buy first day? Or just “meh”?