Media: ModNation Racers – Express Yourself Trailer and Customized Gameplay Montage

Two new trailers are now available for ModNation Racers, the game which appears to be to LittleBigPlanet what Super Mario Kart is to Super Mario Bros., except without the actual sharing of characters, and… well, I guess it’s an overall pretty bad analogy, really.

Still, what LBP is to platformers, ModNation Racers appears to be to kart racing games, so that’s good enough for me. And in the first trailer we have for you today, United Front Games shows how you can express yourself in the game:

Even with the racer customization, I can’t help but think that a Sackboy download might be a cool addition. Or a Rabbid, for that matter.

Next up, we have a mighty ModNation montage of completely crazy kart-racing chaos:

I have to admit, I really like how this one is coming together: the racers, the tracks, the weapons, and even the trash talking. Sony may very well have a real racing jewel on its hands when this comes out.