Media: Modern Warfare 2’s Deleted Jimmy Fallon Scenes

Modern Warfare 2 is here, and people are playing it until their eyes, ears, and thumbs bleed. From there, they will harness the psychic and telekinetic powers of their latent sixth sense and continue playing until their brains finally succumb to the nonstop action.

Okay, perhaps not. But if there are any who play it that much, then they will likely never know that the developers at Infinity Ward apparently asked Late Night talk show host Jimmy Fallon to lend his voice and likeness to one of the game’s characters.

“It ended up getting cut (we have no idea why!),” says Fallon’s website, but fortunately, they managed to salvage some footage. Take a look:

“Their loss,” indeed. I can’t imagine why they would decide not to use some of this stuff.