Media: Just Cause 2 – Freedom and Chaos Trailer

Mass Effect 2’s deep and involved story are great, but it has left me looking for something a little bit… ridiculous. Enter Just Cause 2:

Blow up buildings, para-glide to take down helicopters, and then blow up said helicopters. It doesn’t look like Just Cause 2 is a thinking man’s game and that is a compliment.

Just Cause 2 is an open world action game. As the trailer says, Rico Rodriguez (the game’s protagonist and owner of a porn-star name) has the freedom to accept any mission in the game and to join any of the three factions at will. A ton of vehicles, destructible structures, and weapons looks to make the game one hell of a pallet cleanser just in time for Spring.

Not to mention that any game with a grappling hook is automatically more fun.