Media: Hands-on with Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’10

Joystiq has had some hands-on time with the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’10 for the Wii, and which will utilize Nintendo’s new MotionPlus attachment to make the game a little more real. They say that unlike Grand Slam Tennis, EA’s other 1:1 MotionPlus offering, they were more easily able to see the difference the peripheral makes.

“Bringing the Wiimote slowly back and up, we watched as Tiger perfectly matched not only the angle we were holding it at, but the twist of the club as well. We took our first real swing and found that, yes, it was quite true-to-life: we sucked.

Makes you wonder if the idea is really all it’s cracked up to be. But then they say they got better, so it seems to be just a matter of practice, as with anything. They conclude that their brief time with the game was “the most impressive implimentation of MotionPlus we’ve tried yet.”

It makes me wonder how my dad would like it…