Media: Ghostbusters Nintendo DS Trailer

Who isn’t excited for the Ghostbusters game? Even more exciting, at least for me, is that there will be three vastly different incarnations with varying gameplay. So even if the story remains unchanged, hopefully we’ll get to experience it in different ways. The version that looks to be vastly different from the others, in terms of gameplay, would be the Nintendo DS version. Courtesy of GameTrailers, we have the trailer for the DS incarnation below:

While it doesn’t exactly show a whole heck of a lot, it is clear that all the spirit (HA! What a pun…) of the console versions has been included into the portable edition. Though I would assume the dialog isn’t plentiful (if at all), the short trailer shows the game certainly holds the Ghostbusters style.

The Ecto-1 driving portion of the game doesn’t really intrigue me all that much (horrid memories of the horribly broken NES game), but the squad-based gameplay gets my panties in a bunch. Normally, I might complain that I want straight up ghost busting action, but since I’ll be getting that in two varieties on consoles, I’m ecstatic for something a little different on the DS. Again, the trailer didn’t really reveal too much, but it does look like a fairly basic squad system, and hopefully the touch screen will be utilized in full.

All incarnations of Ghostbusters: The Video Game are set for release on June 16.