Media: Four Screens of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

In addition to four new screens of the game with the funky name, with a little info as well:

The game takes place take place during the year Sora was asleep after Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories. The game begins when Roxas enters Organization XIII and follows his journey through a variety of Disney worlds such as Wonderland from Alice In Wonderland.

In addition to the single player adventure you can rope in three friends for a mission-based multi-player game which will feature co-op and competitive battles. — Tom East, Official Nintendo Magazine

I wonder what Disney properties will be included. For that matter, here’s a question for any KH fans out there: Would the series be as good if the Disney elements were not included? A mermaid, rather than The Little Mermaid, and so on?

Thanks to Adam Sorice for the tip!