Media: Footage of Noby Noby Boy Multiplayer

No matter how much footage I watch of Noby Noby Boy, it still is completely bizarre. The video for multiplayer above is no different. From what I can tell, you till eat things and poop them out, but the man behind the game, Keita Takahashi, had more information which he divulged on the PS Blog.

I’d like to share a little bit more about Multiplayer. In Single player, the game allows BOY to eat another BOY as well as people and animals, etc. In Multiplayer though, eating everything has some funny consequences. For example, if the head of a 1P BOY eats the rear of a 2P BOY, the two players end up with a combined BOY.

Head: Player 1
Rear: Player 2

To add even more to confuse players, there will be support for up to four players. I can only imagine the chaos of trying to figure out how to move Boy when four people are controlling his movements, at least that’s how I presume it would work.