MEDIA First 10 Minutes of Uncharted 2

Dutch Website InsideGamer has posted a video capture of the first 10 minutes (and 14 seconds) of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. It seems that the practice of showing off the first few minutes of a big upcoming movie has been thoroughly transported to videogames.

Those that don’t even want slight spoilers to how the game opens should probably stop reading right here:

The part seen in trailers with Drake waking up in a train hanging off of a cliff is actually the very beginning of the game in which Drake must climb out. This first chapter is called “A Rock and A Hard Place”.

Five minutes in this leads to a cut scene taking place prior with Drake meeting an old friend and being introduced to the new female lead Chole. They then discuss the job that probably got Drake into the game’s opening predicament.

Revealing the first 10 minutes of big upcoming games is a regular feature at InsideGamer called “Eerste 10 Minuten” (literally “First 10 Minutes”). The opening parts of big games like Metal Gear Solid 4 were prevalently shown on English speaking websites evoking this trend.