Media: EA Sports Active Presented to Audience

In what definitely was an attempt to cash in on the Wii Fit market, EA Sports decided to make their own claim for would be Wii exercisers.

Hit the video above and you’ll see EA Sports Active being demoed to a relatively unenthusiastic crowd. Awkwardness aside, the game does look like a more Western world focused entry into the workout genre. The exercises are more intensive, supposedly, and circuit training based. Perhaps it is a more physically demanding workout than those in Wii Fit, which is what EA claimed to be bringing to the table.

EA Sports Active releases on May 19th. According to the video, guys will be buying it for themselves and not their girlfriends. It comes with a waste band to hold the nunchuck during lower body exercises, and a resistance band for the upper body stuff. The whole shebang will go for just under $60 USD.