Media: Doomsday Comes to DC Universe Online

If you decide to play DC Universe Online when it hits the PlayStation 3, you may want to reconsider your options where playing as a Kryptonian might be concerned. And nevermind the whole thing about Superman being the last, that’s kind of been swept under the rug. Rather than the last son of Krypton, he seems to be the first Kryptonian on Earth.

Anyway. DCUO. Doomsday is coming, and he’s got a real hate-on for anything else from the planet Krypton. So while flying, heat vision, ice breath, and super strength may all seem cool, you’ve got to remember: This is the guy who once sorta-killed Superman. And if memory serves, he kicked the Justice League’s collective butts with one hand tied behind his back– literally.

Then again, that version of the League mostly sucked, anyway.

Really, though, the character is sort of tragic, in a way. While he’s normally rather feral, he did once gain a semblance of humanity, with a degree of intelligence and emotions. And that version was pretty cool. Sadly, it did not last. But that’s another story.

Anyway, big, grey, and bony is coming to Sony’s big ol’ MMO, and we’ve got a series of screens and sketches sitting in our gallery, ready to be pored over.