Media: Dead Space Extraction for the Wii is On-Rails

That, friends, is a trailer for Dead Space Extraction for the Wii. IGN did a special write up this morning, brought to my attention by forum user SpaceOddity in this thread.

While looking graphically brilliant, in my opinion, there’s a downside: this title runs on-rails.

“Our gameplay takes advantage of a guided and cinematic camera which allows us to frame the action on screen and deliver fantastic and gripping action sequences packed with loads of scares.” — Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer, via an interview with IGN

Soooooooo, it’s an on rails shooter as indicated by the phrase “a guided and cinematic camera.” Hey, don’t assume that I’m all that upset about this. An on-rails camera means that areas will not have to be constantly rendered, the Wii will only have to beef up those areas that are looked at.

Plus, Killer 7 was on rails and holy shit did I love that game. Granted the rails were freely traversed, so who knows if you’ll be able to roll on with some free will in Dead Space Extraction.

The IGN piece briefly discusses storyline as well. You’ll be playing a heroine this time around. The plot itself will serve as a type of prequel leading up to the events in the original Dead Space. Tons of story holes to fill in here. From IGN:

In Dead Space Extraction, gamers will take on the role of an all-new heroine and join a group of colonists struggling to escape the infection that has corrupted the Aegis VII mining colony. In a release, revealed a few general details about the game, stating, “Dead Space Extraction introduces new characters, weapons, enemies, puzzles and cooperative multiplayer gameplay.”

So, there you have it, the first hard and fast information on the Wii’s Dead Space.

Anyone excited by the new gameplay mechanics? Disappointed?