Media: DC Universe Online – 15 Images of Nightwing Out Clubbin’

Sony Online Entertainment has released a batch of new screenshots and images of one Nightwing, and you can find those in our gallery. What they did not release, however, is any information on what to expect from the character, so I guess it’s up to me.

First of all, Nightwing is a Dick. Dick Grayson, that is, the original Robin who went into battle at Batman’s side. He grew up, decided that emerald short-pants weren’t his thing, and ditched it for a new look and persona, plus a pair of Escrima truncheons. Though his persona looks darker, he’s still a more friendly character than Bats.

And speaking of which, he has all that handy Bat-training, plus a few tools of the trade, and it’s a lucky thing, too, seeing as Bruce Wayne is currently preoccupied with being not-dead and such, thus leaving young Master Grayson to take up the mantle of the bat.

How or if any of this will play into DC Universe Online, I don’t know. On the one hand, I’m pretty sure I heard a while back that this game is supposed to be in tune with what’s going on in the comics at the present time, but on the other hand, we still don’t really know when we’re going to play this thing, do we?

Edit: And then, wouldn’t you know it? Later comes a press release with details:

What happens when Dick Grayson, The Boy Wonder, becomes a man and decides to leave his mentor to take on new adventures? He takes on the name Nightwing and joins forces with the Teen Titans against criminals of the night. Second only to those of Batman, Nightwing’s fighting skills and detective abilities are a definite advantage for a hero who also has gas pellets, smoke capsules, and an acetylene torch.

Wearing a bulletproof and fire-resistant costume that is wired with a single-shot taser, Nightwing can easily incapacitate any attacker. His weapons of choice to combat foes, including the H.I.V.E. (Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination), are twin, shatterproof-polymer Escrima sticks. Keep in mind that you get to play alongside or against Nightwing in DC Universeâ„¢ Online, so choose your own armaments wisely.