Media: Capcom Brings Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 Home

And why should Avatars have all the vaguely-outlined fun with their wardrobes? Capcom is looking to gussy up Sony’s Ho-Miis and lounges with their own unique brand of charm– Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5-style.

Today, Sony shared some details about the Capcom offerings first announced back at the Tokyo Game Show:

Both Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 will be compatible with Home-based matching. Players will be able to meet up with other players inside Home and move directly into competitive matches for SFIV and co-op play sessions for RE5..

This direct matching functionality will be included with Resident Evil 5 from the March 5 launch. Street Fighter IV will get the functionality in a future update.

Items and lounges are on the way as well.

Resident Evil 5 will get its own lounge. Themed around the in-game location of Kijuju, the lounge will offer RE5-related items and a variety of events. —

In addition, as players worth through both titles, Home Reward support will give players special Home items, while Capcom offers paid costumes to dress your Ho-Miis up as characters from either game, with more items being added regularly.

Sounds cool, though I wonder if that will be enough to sway anyone’s already-formed opinions on Home.

To see more of the costumes, items, and Kijuju lounge area, check out the images in our gallery.