Media: Call of Duty World At War Map Pack 3 Screens

New screens and video have surfaced for Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3, as well as a release date. The new screens show off more of the three multiplayer maps, “Battery”, “Revolution” and “Breach”. There also screens from the new zombie map, “Der Riese”, as well as a new video, which is below.

I couldn’t agree more with Nikolai at the end of the video, that song was driving me nuts as well. I think the guys over at Monolith have them beat for best map pack trailer music though. I don’t even know what to expect from the zombie maps now, we’ve had Japanese zombies, Nazi zombies, zombie dogs and loads perk machines. I didn’t exactly see where the “pack-a-punch machine” was, but I bet it’s in there.

The map pack is going to be coming at you fast and will be hitting PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on August 6th, which is less than a week away. At this rate, we’ll be talking about Map Pack Seven by the holidays. You can check out all the other screens in the gallery below.