Media: Animal Crossing: City Folk Video and Details

First, some new details about Animal Crossing: City Folk:

The game will give you the ability to wear a mask that is the face of your Mii but along with that your skin’s color will change to the color on the mask. One of the animals known as Katrina now owns her own shop within town you will be able to visit.

A new member of Animal Crossing has been revealed to be a beaver called Valentino who will be your supplier of balloons. A peacock is also in the game however it represents a holiday, that holiday remains unknown. —

Frankly, I hoped that Miis would be more than just a simple mask, that they would emote and such like a regular character. Then again, maybe they still will. Mission: Impossible-like.

In addition, there’s a video from the Japanese version which shows off the auction house: