Media: Adventure Island: The Beginning – Japanese Debut Trailer

After the announcement of Mega Man 9 on WiiWare, it almost seemed to trigger a small landslide of new retro games. Well, if two can be considered a small landslide. The first that comes to mind was the recently-released Gradius Rebirth, and the other was the announcement of a new Adventure Island title from Hudson.

I was never huge into the franchise originally, but then, I was never very good at it back then. With the thought of my skills’ improvement over the past 20 years, plus the possibility of improved control and mechanics, I began to grow a little excited for this title.

Now, we finally have a trailer to let us see how the game looks in action… and it looks fun:

My only real concern comes from a recent Retronauts post, which revealed that this isn’t really the first time Hudson has done this… and that before, they might have even done it better.

I’m not sure I can place one above the other, but without playing the Hudson Selection version, I guess there’s no sense dwelling on it.