Media: 8 Wii Music Images/Screens, Plus New Info

We’ve added six new screenshots, plus the boxart and logo for Wii Music to our gallery. In addition, we’ve learned from Nintendo that the title will have some licensed music, with 50 songs in total shown today, “with endless possibilities.” Plus, the conductor segment from E3 a few years back will be a part of the game.

There will also be a game based section which is said to be “incentive based,” and players will be judged with a score across three games: Mii Maestro, mentioned above, where you move the conductor’s baton fast or slow to control the speed of the orchestra, or to go gentle or harsh to alter the volume.

Then there is Handbell Harmony, in which each hand has a separate colored hand bell. This mode can be played with friends or the CPU, and has a DDR-like play pattern, with different colored bells approaching a bar at the left, leading to the player shaking their “bells” in synch with the colors.

And the final game is Pitch Perfect, in which you try to match sounds of similar pitch, in order to see if you have a finely-tuned musical ear.

Wii Music is set for a release soon, on October 20th, and may just be more fun than we thought.