Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough


Importing Save file from Mass Effect 2
New Character Creation | Classes
Enemies and Combat Mechanics
Weapons Workbench
Scanning the Galaxy
War Terminal


Earth: Vancouver
Priority: Mars
Priority: The Citadel
N7: Cerberus Lab
Priority: Eden Prime [DLC]
Priority: Palaven
Grissom Academy: Investigation
Priority: Sur'Kesh
Attican Traverse: The Rachni
N7: Cerberus Abductions
Tuchanka: Turian Platoon
N7: Cerberus Attacks
Tuchanka: Bomb
Priority: Tuchanka
Priority:The Citadel
N7: Ceberus Fighter Base
Messana: Investigate Asari Colony
Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery
Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists
Priority: Perseus Veil
Priority: Geth Dreadnaught
Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons
N7: Fuel Reactors
Rannoch: Admiral Koris
Priority: Rannoch
Priority: The Citadel – Meet Asari Councillor
Priority: Thessia
N7: Communications Hub
Priority: Horizon
Priority: Cerberus Headquarters
Priority: Earth


Importing Save file from Mass Effect 2

You get the option of importing your old savefile when you start a new game. After your import, you should see all your choices which you made in the first and second games. There is little difference the different options bring in so don't worry that you will miss a mission depending on your earlier choices – that does not happen. But still, I will let you new the very minor distinctions you come across during the game. Also, if you bring in your save file, you will get points to level up, I think you start at level 30.

New Character Creation | Classes

You'll get Action, Role Playing or Story options to choose from and again, there are no differences in the story or the game. It's just that if you choose Action you won't have a lot of talking to do and inversely, if you choose story, it'll be all talk and less difficult combat. But, Role Playing is the perfect choice of course. Note that you will be able to choose classes only if you choose Role Playing.

There are six different classes in the game and each one has it's own powers. So, read the descriptions of each class and choose the one which suits you. Whatever class you pick, you can balance out stuff by choosing different squadmates later so that you have an evenly distributed abilities set.

Enemies and Combat Mechanics

The enemies of the game come in hordes and by the dozens. Each enemy has a distinFct role in the battlefield and the AI of this game is so good that you will face different kinds enemies who complement each other's powers and abilities. For example, you may face a lot of Husks along with Cannibals and Marauders in the back. While the Husks force you out of cover, the Cannibals will start shooting you and all this while some Marauders are powering up the Husks and Cannibals.

At other times, a Brute might come at you and again, you will be forced to keep running while some shooters take a dig at you from the distance. You will face all kinds of things and that's just part of the fun. The pattern repeats itself a few times but there's always a battle to look forward to in the game.
The combat Mechanics have not changed much except the cover system which has been improved but it will still look a bit similar to the second game.

Weapons Workbench

You can customize your weapons at any workbench in the game. You have a work bench on the Shuttle Bay in the Normandy itself so you can visit there anytime and choose a weapon of your choice and add or remove components to it which can alter the various parameters of the weapon itself like Weight, Damage and Accuracy.

The less the total weight of the weapons you carry, the lesser will be the  recharge time of your powers. So make sure you don't carry all five weapons. I suggest you carry three at maximum.

Scanning the Galaxy

Scanning the Galaxy is very important since that is how your are going to find War Assets which play a major part in defeating the Reapers. You can scan a solar system by going in and hitting the scan button on your controller. You should move around the solar system looking for objects and there is a  percentage indicator to the top left of the screen which shows you how many items are left in this place. Note that the indicator shows only if you grabbed at least one object. The various systems and artifact and War Assets you find while scanning are listed on this page –  Mass Effect 3 Galaxy Scanning and Citadel Tasks Guide

In the war terminal you should be able to see all you War Assets. Also on the screen is a bar which shows you the total strength of Assets you already collected and also the minimum indicator is well, you know what that is.
Effective strength is the Military strength multiplied by Galactic Readiness. You can increase your Galactic Readiness by playing in different parts of the galaxy in the multiplayer. If you are going to follow this guide then you will be able to collect all War Assets but know that to get the best results at the end game, get your readiness to at least 85% so that you effective strength is 5000 units.


Earth: Vancouver

Follow Anderson to the Space Port
If you have imported a character from an old Mass Effect 2 save then level up your Shepard now. You can also level up Anderson.

You'll see yourself right in front of a Reaper, but for now, let's concentrate on getting out of this place. Anderson asks you to follow you so let's do that. Keep running behind Anderson till you come to the top of a place with Husks climbing on the wall in front of you –
Shoot the Husks here, although it does not matter if you let them go since they seem to be running away. Go down the ladder to the right and more Husks come up in front of you. Kill all of them till a blast takes out the door here that was locked previously. Go inside and straight, look into the rubble ahead and you should see a Medkit .
Open the next door and go thru to the next area. Pick up the three heatsinks (ammo) from the ground and continue following Anderson. After a few explosions and a joyslide, you should reach some friendlies. Kill the Cannibals and speak to the friendlies –
Find the Radio
Go straight now and turn left in the end and pick up the medkit here –
keep going and you will come to more Cannibals. Kill them move to where they were and turn right in the end and keep going till you find the radio in rubble to the right, also pick up the Assault Rifle nearby.
Hold Position for Extraction
You will need to fight for a very very long time now till the Normandy comes. Hold you position here and start killing the Cannibals, you may even run out of ammo, but still you need to wait till the ship gets here.

TIP: If you see a Guardian, use Singularity on him to separate him from the shield.
Jump out of the shuttle and run straight till you see an opening in a grill to the right. Jump down, look at the body, pick up the gun here and take cover. After taking out all the Cerberus Personnel here move up to where they were and more will appear. Go right into the facility after that –
Use Singularity on the enemies on top. Then look to the right and pick up the medkit here –
From where you were taking cover, look back and go to the end and then go right and you should come to a control panel that lifts the car to your left –
Move left and go up and jump over the caar and to the other side. Go thru the next door. Move ahead, take cover and move right under cover and you will see a fist symbol when you are under and enemy. Use the melee button to knock him out. I suggest you go back outside the door and do your killings from there. Go back in and thru to the next area. You will find a datapad on the chairs in front of you just as you enter this area. Go into the large cubicle to the left and pick up everything you see. There's ammo, some Gauntlets, a Medkit too. Hit the console after that and go thru the now open door.
You'll come outside, go down the ladder and turn back and run ahead. Pick up  the chestplate in the end and go up the ladder. Move into the area to the left. Pick up the PDA when you get near the stairs and take cover when you see Cerberus. After taking them out, jump into the place where you saw them and go into the cubicle to the right and take everything after activating the Environmental Controls.
Go into the next place and pick up the SMG mod from the body. There's a workbench to the right here, you can use that mod you just found on an SMG of your's or your squad's. Look at the PDA by the steps and go up and take cover as soon as you open the door. Kill everyone here and continue forward and more enemies are to your left. Keep killing and pushing forward and after all of them are done, you'll come to the decontamination room. See the control's outside..they are used to move the shields which are inside. Hold the controls long enough so that the right shield is all the way to the right. Pick up  everything and move out again. Pick up the Katana shotgun by the dead body opposite to the door and go thru it. To avoid the fire of the turret you'll  need to hold the forward button and then sprint to run across to the next cover Keep going till you go out and then roll to the left all the way. Here's a video for you –

Go inside and take everyone out, a well placed grenade would do the trick. Pick up everything here and then hit the turret controls.
Hit Q or E to make a squadmate go into the position marked in front of you. The tram comes thru here – 
Be prepared to take out everything that comes from there. Go down and get into the tram and hit the controls. You'll be stopped in the middle and another tram full of enemies come at you. Throw a grenade or two to weaken them then take them out. If they throw a grenade into your tram then you can jump into theirs and kill them. Anyway, you'll need to jump into that tram to move ahead. As soon as you stop you are going to have one hell of a fight. Keep put and  take cover behind the last pillar of the tram and do your thing from here. Going outside is a bad idea since you'll face a lot of fire under minimal cover After everyone is down, head in and take everything from the left and right of the door and then nearby is a med station –
Go thru the door and after the scene, it time to run. Just chase her all the way, how hard can that be? After all the chase, she comes running at us but she's not going to hug you so start shooting.

Priority: The Citadel

Before continuing with the game, there are a few things you need to know. First of them is that as you walk around the citadel, you will find some aliens or people talking to each other. If you listen to them (like, even for a few seconds) you will get a task. Throughout the game you will get at least a couple of dozen tasks. These involve minor and menial chores and recovering artifacts from various planets throughout the galaxy and these in turn give us War Assets which are needed to fight the reapers in the end. You may turn up some other Assets and Intel which you can use to upgrade yourself in Liara's cabin in the Normandy' Crew Deck. Visit this page for the total information and walkthrough on all tasks and mission you get from the Citadel – 
Mass Effect 3 Galaxy Scanning and Citadel Tasks Guide
Also, when you are inside the Normandy, you have five floors to walk. The most important floor is the Shuttle Bay. You will find a Workbench, Procurement Terminal which shows all the shops on the Citadel and you can buy everything from here instead of going back to the Citadel. Also, there's an armor changer and a weapon upgrades terminal. Each object you find like weapons and upgrades or even armor parts and weapon mods have five levels. You can but a weapon four times after you get the I (1) and take it to level V and all the other things too. Also, probably the most important thing you're buying is from Sirta Supplies. They sell the medigel capacity upgrade.
When you are on the Normandy or in the Citadel, speak to every one of your team. Doing this will unlock their special abilities and you can use them, that is also how you romance a character. Just look into your map to know everyone's location.
You can look for pointers on when to look for tasks on the Citadel and stuff like that so that you can look it over in the Galaxy Scanning and Citadel Tasks Guide.
Another important thing is the map, hit the map button to open it. You can view the different levels in a place and their points of interest which include people or things which are needed to complete tasks. If you open you map and see in the Huerta Memorial Hospital, you'll see Ashley in the inpatients wing. Visit her, you can buy some chocolates for her from the Sirta Supplies terminal if it's Kaidan and not Ashley then you get to buy some booze. So visit Ashley or Kaidan there and go to the council. After the council meet, the Turian Councelor asks us to save the Primarch and promises support if he is extracted safely.
You can pick up some tasks and their guide is — here
You should pick up Diana Allers and Dr.Chakwas while in the Citadel too. Allers is in the Normandy bay and Chakwas in the Hospital – look into your map for their locations.
Take all the tasks so we can get it done one by one. Anyway, you'll have to keep going to that page to get your tasks info and this page for the main and side mission which involve fighting. Yes, none of the Citadel tasks need you to lift a finger. So, after all that, let's get to the Primarch, but before that the Turian Councelor tells us that we are re-instated as Specter. The Specter office is directly opposite to Udina's Office. You should see two terminals here, one of them is the Specter Terminal where you get special mail where you can Authorize certain things when needed. The other is the Specter Requisitions terminal which sells three special guns which cost a lot. You can only buy two of these at most because you will be spending money on other stuff too and believe me, the money is well spent but not necessary. You can access the Specter Requisitions from the Procurement Terminal in the Normandy's Shuttle Bay. Some side missions have certain things which are needed to complete the tasks you get in The Citadel. If you miss them while doing the mission then they appear as buyable products in the Specter Requisitions and they are cheap too. So after doing every mission you should go there and see if anything is on sale, I will mention everything in the walkthrough also. There's also a Shooting Range here in the Specter office with a workbench and you can work you weapons here and change their mods and stuff to try them out. Check the whole office out before you go back to the Normandy.
Back on the Normandy, as I said, speak to everyone and you can find them by looking into your map. You can reset all your level up points by going into the med bay and using the terminal to the right end of the room. The other terminal is used to set a ability, this terminal displays all the abilities you unlocked by speaking to your squad and you can choose one of them here.
You get and Intel – Armor Mod kit, go to Liara's Cabin and use the left terminal to decrypt the Intel and give you a bonus on what the Intel is about.
After you go out of the Citadel and into the Normandy, you'll have a dream. You need to chase the little kid, run diagonally and you should see him. Follow him around for a bit.

N7: Cerberus Lab

We get news from the Alliance about a Cerberus Lab. It's marked on your galaxy map so just use the map and land in the lab. The lab is in Decoris of Sigurd's Cradel.
Pick up Reaper Artifact
Go in from the stairs to the left and you should come to a Cerberus Trooper. Kill him and take cover, more come from the right. After taking them all down, look to the left of te entrance you took to this place and you should see a scope mod and to the right is a Credits Salvage. If you use the navigation assistance or map button, you'll see a marker on your screen which shows the Artifact. Jest before the artifact, you can go right and straight into a room. Go into that room and pick up the failed medigel formula, it's used to complete as Task on the Citadel – look at this page here, here's a video on how to find it –
Anyway, before you pick up the Artifact, you should scout this place out, take everything that's laying around here and find where all the ammo crates are. You'll need to know where the ammo crates are for the next part so take your time looking around this place and only then go and collect the artifact and get it back to the shuttle and not a moment too soon, Cerberus starts to attack you from the right of the Shuttle. Take cover and take all of them out and then refill your ammo and pick up the next Artifact. Take cover here itself and start killing the Troopers. Cortez just buzzed off because the LZ was too hot so we need to wait for him till he can shake them all off. So, time to make a stand. 
Wait for Cortez
Just remember where the ammo crates are because you probably will run out of ammo before Cortez comes back. Engineers, Centurions and Troopers come from all around the place so be very careful but soon, well not so soon, Cortez tells us that he is back. To know the locations of you enemiess, just look into your minimap which you get when the screen is paused when you press the powers menu. This will help you greatly throughout the game. Firstly, take out the guardians by either shooting them thru the gap in their shield or just use singularity and then get them. If you manage to shoot them thru the gap 10 times, you will unlock an achievement. If any of your squad members die the ntry to revive them manually but getiing close to them and hit the interact button, instead of using up a medigel. Cortez will tell you when he's ready to make the extraction, he will mention that he is ready to come in and he comes in after a few minutes after he says that. When he does come, I advise you to make a run for the 
shuttle and get in instead of wasting your time killing everyone because it does not even give you experience unless you want some shooting practise. If you are a Infiltrator you can just put your cloak on and run for it, for other classes, it's advised to thin the numbers down a bit before running. Cortez will say "Get In" when he's in the pick up point so you know when to run.

You get this mission only if you have purchased the DLC. And note that you might want to take Liara with you for this since she's a Prothean Expert. You can start this after you check you mail on your private terminal. Then go to the planet Eden Prime in Utopia of the Exodus Cluster. If you remember, you were doing a very similar mission and infact it was the first mission in Mass Effect, the first part. We are here doing the same thing again, searching for an Artifact which has bee dug up but last time it was the Geth and this time it's Cerberus. If you want comparison, then the Geth were actually harder to kill than Cerberus is now.
Go down the road and you'll come to a cabin to the right, go in and take everything here. At the end of the cabin, you should find a Computer Terminal, use it to get some intel which you can pass on to the colonists on Eden Prime. Go out of here and use the elevator, instead of going down, it brings something up. 
Find the Pod Data
A couple of Nemesis are dropped in the distance with a Centurion. Get them and move ahead, go into the first cabin to the left and you'll find another piece of Intel. Then go back to the main path and into the cabin opposite of this one and go into the next area. You'll be assaulted by more enemies here. Go in and check the cabins to the right, you'll come to a door and Liara mentions the data inside, go in and get the data. Come out and go into the cabin opposite to this one. When you come out, more enemies who come at you, stay in cover and kill everyone. Then move ahead and another piece of data is mentioned, collect that one too and keep going and the moment you go outside, enemies fall out of the sky. Keep moving ahead and take out the rest of them and go towards the pod.
Find a Way to the Pod
You'll see that the bridge is retracted and we need to find another way around. Just jump down here and go left to see a ladder. Climb it and continue climbing and dropping down the ladders to get to the pod. After you activate the Pod, cerberus troops come in. And that was only the first wave, if you are short of ammo then run into the cabin across and grab everything you can and be ready for an Atlas and more enemies. Stay in proper cover and keep and eye on your minimap to know the enemy locations. Don't let them surprise you. If are having difficulty with ammo then you should take out the Atlas first and only then go for the others. Keep fighting and eventually they will stop coming. After everything is done, you'll go back to the ship and speak to the new friend. You'll unlock a new weapon and power, you can access the ability in the med bay.

As soon as you land you'll be thrown into the middle of Husks. If you have a shotgun, now's the time to use it. Wait till all the Husks are dead and climb up to where the soldiers are and run along the path till you go past the barricade.
Find the Commanding Officer
After you come inside, check the cubicles on your left and right, the Commanding Officer is in the second cubicle to the right but you can pick up a lot of stuff and I mean a lot, before talking to him – 
After speaking to him go to the right and then look to the left and you should see another barricade. Go past it (pick up the shotgun and the assault rifle mod to the left, before going out) and keep running till you get to the comm tower. Hit the switch and assign one of your squad members to the tower, choose so that you have the other guy is good at fighting the Husks. So, a ton of them keep dropping, have a look at your minimap occasionally so that you are not aambushed from behind. Remember that you have a lot of space to move around and after the tower is fixed you are to stay a little while longer till you hear from the Turian again. Eventually, he asks you to get back, so go back and talk to him. If Garrus was not killed in ME2 then he joins us now and there's some problem in the Normandy but we'll get to that later.
Defend Airfield
Go towards the barrcade to the left of the one we first used to get into this place, use the navigational assistance button if you are having trouble. Go out and get into cover behind the rock in the beginning of this area to the left.
You'll face a lot of Husks and Marauders now so be ready for them. If someone has overload (if you picked up Garrus then he does), use it on the shields of the Marauders and kill the first before going for the other things, the Husks may get too close so watchout for them, after a few minutes, they stop coming, you can pick up a mod to the right here and also there's some salvage in the area in the middle. Go back to the general after this and he speaks of more trouble near the front barricade. It's straight past the General's cubicle. Go up the ladder and mount the turret. Start taking out the Husks you see, each and every one of them. IF you miss even one then they are going to climb the barricade and attack you from behind so be quick in taking them out. The first wave comes from the right so you don't need to look left. The second wave comes from both sides and after a considerable time, something large attacks you.
The Brutes are going to get common later in the game so consider this as training. Brutes are only melee hitters and if you let them hit you, they can kill you in a single blow. The best way to attack a Brute is by running and always keep something in between you and a Brute – like a rock or some debris or whatever so that the Brute does not come running straight at you. Use powers like Incenerate, Cryo Blast and Incendiary Ammo, Armor Piercing Ammo, Cryo Ammo which deal extra damage to Armor. There are some Husks here too so be careful. Keep running and use your powers all the way till the Brute falls down, if your powers are fully upgraded then you'll have very little trouble killing a Brute. Here's a simple video to take down a Brute –
General Victus
Follow the path till the end, you'll need to climb up rocks and slide down some places and so on and so forth, jump across to the next place and keep going till you see some Turians to the right. Pick up the mods and medkit here and continue, after running a long way, you'll come to the camp.
Clear the Camp
Okay, this area is going to be filled with enemies so get ready for a fight. Take cover in the beginning of the area behind the stone –
Kill the Marauders first and then the Cannibals. After they go down, move in and it's time for a big fight. There's going to be a Brute first and then two more coming at you and if you concentrate on them then the Marauders will take you down. I suggest you don't go deep inside the camp, stay here itself and take out the Brutes as soon as possible because the Marauders will keep coming anyway. There's a Reaper Blackstar or similar missile Launcher to the right if you go a bit forward from the start of this area –

But you can still kill them if there's a considerable distance between you and the Brutes. Again, use everything at your disposal to get them if you are quick enough  (and have fully upgraded powers) then you can take atleast one of them down even before they come near you. After all the killing is done, speak to the general and then you're back on your ship.
Note: Hackett is on vid comm, just turn around and use it to speak to him. Treynor has a task for us so speak to her but first go to the AI Core in Med-Bay. Also, speak to every crew member. There's nothing new on the Citadel yet but Ashley/Kaidan may want to speak with you now. Also, buy the Medigel capacity upgrade from Sirta Supplies.

You get this from Specialist Treynor and if you don't then just visit another area of the ship and come back or wait till you get EDI out of the AI Core. Head into the new system that showed up (it's glowing) and land in the Academy.
After you are inside, go straight and kill the two troopers here. Go right and speak with Sanders. GO bakc outside and keep going along the path. Just go thru all the doors till you can see two Troopers ahead. Kill them and speak to the biotic here. Jump across into the area to the left. Read the PDA's here and continue into the next area. You'll see a student being shot by someone and soon Cerberus flood this area. Take them out and go thru the door to the left ahead and pick up the shotgun here. Go back and go to the next area. You should see an open door ahead but instead go into the left place and talk to the student who is sitting in the back here. Pick up the Salvage from the locker which is behind here and also, take the Mattock Assault Gun which is on the chairs in the middle of this area. Go thru the next door and you'll come into the Central Hall.
Protect the Students
An Atlas come at the students and they are holding a barrier to protect themselves. Destroy the Atlas before the students run out of power. Use overload and Disruptor ammo to take down the shields quickly and then incenrate and other like wise powers to destroy the armor. Try to take out the Atlas first before going for the other enemies. After everyone is down, go to the right end of this hall and use the computer here to deactivate the cameras. Then climb the stair and go into the room where the students are and hit the controls which are in the middle to the right near the wall. The door you need to open is past Jack, get it open and go thru.
Get to the Shuttles
Keep going and soon you'll come out into the open and you should also see an Atlas in front of you. Take cover to the right here –
Take down the troops first because they can get dangerously close to you. Always have an eye on the mini-map to where where the enemies are, some eventually come from your right so be prepared for them. If you see Guadrians, lift them up with singularity, if you don't have singularity then shoot thru the gap near their eyes (mail shot) or use armor piercing ammo on them, it can shoot thru their shields. Use overload on the shields of Centurions and take them out. If you see Engineers and Turrets, kill the Engineers first and only then go after the Turret after the area is empty. Again, keep looking into your minimap to know where the enemies are. After you kill everyone on the ground (this is going to be a very long fight) destroy the Atlas. If you are overwhelmed by enemies from all sides then you'll need to move around a bit. You can find some ammo here itself to the right. If you are being killed by the Atlas while moving around then you should take it out first before the others get near you.
After everyone here is done, go down ahead and look for a door which leads inside. Go in, pick everything up and go to the next door. There are going to be a lot of enemies here too so I suggest you take them down from here, taking cover behind the door and do not go into the area ahead unless you cannot see the enemy. The enemies can stand on a level above you so you may not be able to see them. Go out for a bit and kill them. After everyone is down, go to far right of this area and you'll come to a door, go thru there.
Keep going and you should come to two more Troopers trying to convince students to take down their barriers. After speaking to the students go right and you'll come into a small area, the right side computer here has some Biotic amp interface schematics which are needed for a task in the Citadel –
Keep going and going, pick up the goodie which comes to your left and you'll come to an empty Atlas with an Engineer beside it. Kill him and get into the Atlas and go into the next area. Well, show them what an Atlas can do, look around you for enemies and keep moving, after the small ones are down, an Atlas comes in, take it down too and then get out and go thru the next door.
NOTE: Hackett is on Vid Comm if you want to talk to him and again, go around and talk to your crew. Read your mail and also look at the terminal in the specter office and authorize anything you need to. Speak to Ashley / Kaidan if you are on the Citadel and also meet up with Miranda Lawson if you read her mail, she's in the Normandy dock area (look into your map). Thane is also waiting for you in the Hospital to the left just as you enter. Also, I think after you spoke to Ashley/Kaidan the last time, all area of the Citadel are now open for you to explore. Visit each area and speak with your squadmates, you will forward you relationships this way. Also, look around the Citadel to meet with various people, for more information and the guide on all tasks from the Citadel look at the page – here

Handle the diplomats anyway you want to, you'll land on Sur'Kesh soon.
If you did not get him killed then you can meet the Salarian Lieutenant whom you helped on Virmire in the first game or there may be another guy there. Padok Wiks is just ahead. Speak to him to start off the fun. Go into the elevator and if you did not get Mordin Solus killed in the suicide mission in ME2 he helps us or it's Padok Wiks who's the helper. Go to the Elevator but it's get shut down, go the opposite way picking up everything that's here. Go out the emergency exit and up the ladder and continue on your path. You'll meet the Cerberus goons here. Take all of them out and pick up the mod from the room to the right and also there's a med station if you go to the room to the right –
Keep going thru the door in the end and you'll come to an area with a Checkpoint. Cerberus is here and they can shoot at the Pod to make life worse. Kill them as quick as you can, I mean as quickly as possible, the Pod has to go thru two more checkpoints and the Damage is Cumulative so save the Pod before it's Integrity falls too low. Hit the activate button to get out of this checkpoint and another group of wussies come in front of you. Drop them and go straight into the broken part of the wall and go left from there. Kill the Cerberus here too and pick up a mod from the area to the left and go thru the door ahead and you'll come to more troops. But there are about three Engineers with them here so be careful about the Turrets and try to kill the Engineers first before they reapair the turrets you are shooting. There a mod to the righ and hit the activate button beside the door which comes to the right in the end and then go up the stairs to the right. Kill the enemies here and then the ones below. After clearing this area, go back to the top level and thru the door in the end and you'll come to the second checkpoint.
It's the same enemies so you should not have any problem here, again, kill as fast as possible. After they are done go to the left end of this area and check the med station and the pistol on the ground. Use the Power Node and go back but wait, more troops. Kill them and activate the checkpoint againand wait, more troops again. Kill them and go to where they were and thru the door and up the ladder.
Protect the Female Krogan
The enemies start shooting at the Krogan from the go, so you need to draw fire to yourself. Move to the center on this path and kill the enemies who are shooting at the Pod. Then take out the rest but keep an eye on the mini-map you don't want to be surprised here. After that, hit the Activate and an Atlas falls out of the Sky. Put all your weapons and Abilities on the Atlas now and take it down as fast as you can. There are some Troops who come in a moment and if they are shooting at the Pod, take them out first. The Atlas does not shoot the Pod once it comes after you. Keep moving around so you are not directly in line of fire and get behind cover. After killing everything here, we can finally out this behind us.
NOTE: A lot of side-quests are thrown at you after this. Speak to Wrex and the Primarch to get them and then speak to your crew and if you get on the Citadel, speak to your crew again. You can find the guide on Citadel tasks and Galaxy Map scanning in the page – here

Go to Ninmah Cluster's Mulla Xul and land on the marked planet. After the cutscene and the reunion, go into the cabin to the left and pick up everything that's here – a shotgun is among them too. Then follow the main path till you get to the Krogans. Look inside the cabin to the left for more goodies, then speak to the head Krogan (spoiler-proof) and move into the cabin here.
Explore Tunnels
This place poses two interesting challenges each coming with your choice in the earlier game. If you decided to kill the Rachni Queen in the previous game then you should be wondering how they came back since they were the last of their race. If you had spared the queen's life then again, you should be wondering – why did they come back and why are they attacking again since you released the Queen after she promised not to come back again.
Go straight into the tunnels and pick up the firestorm from the dead Krogan, you'll start seeing webbing all over the place, use any of your powers or the firestorm to destroy it. Keep going inside and destroy all the spore pods before you get close to them or they spew toxic over you. Keep going and going and destory everything in your path, just pick up firestorm from dead soldier when you come across them. You'll jump down in a bit and then the Rachni attack you (Ravager). The Ravagers are made of armor, but first kill the barrier engine here. Husks come at you and if you get up to deal with them, the Ravager gets you, stand behind this area –
Then take out the Husks since the rock will block the Ravager's missiles. Then go to where the Ravager was, destroy the pods in your path and keep going. The firestorm is a great weapon but it's only close range so you can kill the husks when they get close but not the Ravager coz it far away. When you get to a reaper shield (black) destroy the webbing to the right and kill the node here to drop the shield. Keep going and you should come to more pods and webbing, continue along the path and you should find a Krogan soldier behind a webbing to the left as you move ahead. Examine his corpse to get a task on the citadel. Keep going and the next webbing to the right has a Krogan with another firestorm, pick it up and jump down into the central chamber.
Note that the Ravagers have only armor on them so abilities like Incenerate and Cryo Blast after Warp will do a lot of damage, also incediary ammo and armor-piercing ammo are great too. Take out the barrier engine first –
Then the remaining enemies, be sure to stay in cover when facing a Ravager. After they are done, move ahead and fight the next group. Keep moving and you'll come to gestation Pods instead of Spore Pods, the only difference is that the gestation pods have the bugs – swarmers in them so look out for them. Keep going and going and climbing and jumping till you get to the Krogans again. Go left and kill the barrier node and the Krogans join you. Move ahead, but watch out for more pods, destroy them and go into the narrow passage. You are blocked by reaper tech shields on all sides but you should see a power node above the dead Krogan ahead of you –
Destory it and take cover to the left immediately. Kill everything ahead and go to the place the Ravager was, you should see a node here, kill it and take cover again because more enemies come at you. Move ahead and you'll see a Ravager andd a barrier engine beside it, destroy the engine first and then go after the ravager. Move in to where it was and kill the next node too. Take cover, know that Husks will be coming at you so take them out before they come in and try to melee you. Stay behind cover at all times, once you take out the Husks, you can stay in cover since the Ravagers and the Cannibals don't move in close, you can take your time killing them. After all that, make your choices and you'll be back on the Normandy.
NOTE: Anderson is on the vid comm, you can speak to him. Specialist Treynor mentions some Cerberus Abductions too, so let's take a look.

Go right from where you start and all the way to the end of these rooms and take cover in the last place. The Cerberus Troops should be right infront of you –
Take all of them down, and be careful about the Turret. Then go straight across from here and see the med-station…drop down the ladder to the right of the station and you should come to more troops. You should also see a couple here kneeling on the ground, speak to them.
Defend Civilians
Immediately after you speak to them, a lot of enemies show up on the street beside here and in the rooms across here. Look into your minimap for precise locations and take them down. You'll fight a lot of enemies in this area and you cannot leave here until all of them are dead. After you clear up this place, go back towards the landing zone and you should find a med-station if you are in rooms which lead straight from where you found the couple – you must have seen cerberus come thru these rooms. Anyway, when you get to the LZ another group of enemies attack, but you take them down and you can go back to the ship.
NOTE: Go to the Shuttle Bay now and open the Procurement Terminal, in it look inside SPecter Requisitions and you will find some information on Bilal Osaba, buy it and go to Osaba in the Embassies in Citadel to complete the task Benning: Evidence. Also, if you decided to leave the Queen in the last mission then you should get a message from Grunt, check it out.

Go to Tuchanka and click on the turian platoon marker on the planet and you'll land. Go straight and pick up the SMG mod to the left and climb up the ladder. Keep going till you come to some Turian bodies, there's an SMG here, take it and move ahead and you'll come to an area where Cannibals are fighting Turians. Take out the Cannibals and get back to cover. A Harvester shows up but does not attack you, kill it soon. It's armor so use the usual fire, ice abilities on it. After it goes away, move ahead and climb up the ladder to the right, go straight toward the Lieutenant Victus marker. You will come acroos a medkit, a mod and an assault rifle in your path. Next, you come to a Marauder with some Cannibals, take them out and a Harvester with Husks are next. I advise you to go back a bit so that the Harvester cannot attack you and you can take out the Husks while standing. After clearing the area, move ahead and go down the path to the right.
You'll come to more enemies, and this time you will get to almost kill a Harvester, I think it takes off again here too. Anyway, kill everything and move on, you should find a med-kit on your way, keep going after that till you get to more enemies, I suggest taking cover behind the first slab –
Take out everything ahead of you till you see a Harvester come to your right. Kill the Harvester first or the others will just keep coming till it's killed. Move ahead and speak to junior Vic.

Land on the spot and move to the right and you will come to the enemy –
There are more to the right side of this area. Kill all of them and go to the farthest place, climb up and you will come to the control center, there's some "Old Grid Schematics" which are needed for the task Citadel: Improved Power Grid. Here's a video on how to get to the control center and pick up the schematics –

Activate the controls here and now the power is down, go back to where you were dropped off in the beginning and look at these things –
Shoot the latches and activate the power nodes, and try not to get killedm there's a Nemesis here, no big deal though. Anyway, Cerberus dropped off like two dozen more troops here and you need to go back and activate the control panel again, so kill your way thru to the panel and hit it and you now have cannons on Tuchanka.

Okay, to fill you in on the details – long ago, the Turians decided that the genophage would not destroy the Krogan totally (just their capacity to make kids -_- ) so they decided to put a bomb on Tuchanka just to be sure that the Krogan won't be a problem if they decided to rebel. Now, seeing as to how the Turains want the relationship between Krogan and themselves to improve so that the Krogan can assist them on Palaven, they decide to dismantle the bomb because if the Krogans fnd out, they will be in trouble.
Now, land on the spot and run for cover. The enemies are going to keep coming in front of you, you are better off killing a few and running ahead if you don't want to spend a lot of time here, if you do want to take it easy then just stay at one spot and kill everyone who's coming at you, and FYI the mortars that are falling all over the place can kill you (if you have cloak then now's the time), so be careful when you are running. Get to the extreme end of this area and go left up the slant. Pick up the shotgun blade attackment in the end. And turn right and duck for cover. More troops ahead, there are two stones you can take cover behind –
One is where Shepard is and the other is where EDI is standing. The troopers here have a nsty tendancy to keep throwing grenades so you gotta move from one stone to the other. go to the other end and keep going and going andd going, you'll come to a medkit and another mod here. Go to the right and take cover immediately since a shuttle is dropping off some troopers – oh wait, they are going away? Anyhoo, keep going straight and eventually you will come to the bomb (wow, it's for the Krogan alright). Go up the ladder to the right and move ahead, the whole place is deserted but soom you'll come to an Engineer and two Troopers, the Engineer is trying to set up a turret. Pick up the turret schematics here, they are needed for a task, Citadel: Cerberus Automated Turret Schematics, visit the page – here, for more info –
Protect Lieutenant Victus
Firstly here's a video on how to get to a missile launcher nearby –

Take it and put it somewhere nearby just so you can access it with ease. Now, kill every Cerberus troop who comes in from the left and the right sides. Be careful and keep checking your map to know the enemy locations at all times. After a while an Atlas is dropped, now get this, check if your squad has more Incenerate or Overload. If there are more Overload then take down the shields of the Atlas and then hit it with the bomb, if you have better Incenrate of similar powers then hit the Atlas in the beginning to drop it's shields and then take out the armor. More troops drop behind the Atlas so be quick to take it down coz it can kill Victus really quickly. After everything is done, watch the cutscene.

Now, after you speak with Daltrass you'll get in on the shuttle with Wrex and the others, if you want to do wat Dalatrass asked you to then just choose to stay silent when the dialogue appears, otherwise reveal what she tells you. Anyway, you'll come to the meeting grounds which are filled with Husks.
Protect Eve
This place only has Husks so get your shotguns out, there are going to be a lot of them so take each one out as soon as possible. And after that another long cutscene, remember to reveal what Dalatrass told you if you want to go against her or just keep quiet if you want to do what she told you to. After the vehicles stop pick up the two medkits here and also the new shotgun which is next to the Krgan ahead. There's a Krogan who is to the right on the road here, speak to him to continue. After they take off, pick up the remaining stuff on the road and jump across to the tunnel behind you. I can tell you what to do next but a video is better –

First, fall in and keep going from the tunnel to the right and you will come to a place with a room to the left and another tunnel to the right, go into the room and there's Salvage on the wall to the right. Go back outside and into the tunnel and you will come to another place where you can find another drawing to the left on the wall. The tunnel out is in the right of this place, but as soon as you enter the tunnel, look to the right to find another Salvage, keep going on the path after that and you'll come out of the place. Go straight and you should look at some Cannibals fall down from the sky. There are two Ravagers here too, so think fast. Kill them and go straight and right and jump across the gap and more Cannibals in the distance. Kill them all and as you move forward you should also meet a Brute. Remember that you can jump back across the gap and take cover anywhere you want to so as to stay away from the Brute but I advice killing it really fast and first. Go to where it came from and turn left and take cover because two Ravagers are coming from front along with cannibals and stuff. Kill everything and move to where they came from, wait to see the show and keep going again till you come to more enemies. Take them out, it's same old, same old, a few Cannibals in the beginning and then followed by Husks and Marauders. Go up straight and left and keep going till you get out of this area and are back in the Truck.
As soon as the cutscene stops, all kinds of things fall before you. Better be quick in taking them out or you'll spend a lot of time here. Anyway, go up the stairs to the left in front of you after you are done here and pick up the pistol to the left aftr you go up. Keep following the path and soon, you'll see yourself infront of the Reaper. Now then, just keep running ahead, there's a lot of cover too, so just make your moves nicely and get to the other side.
Activate the Hammers
Okay, there are two Hammers, to the left and the right and a lot of resistance in between. Killing everything here is ambitious, you can do it if you want to but be warned. I suggest making a run for the Hammers, ofcourse it is less fun, here's a video –

After activating the hammers, witness the most fun cutscene in the entire Mass Effect gaming franchise. You'll come to the Shroud after that and then make your choices.
NOTE: If you did not destroy Maelon's Data in the previous game then the Female Krogan Eve is alive now and you will witness a somewhat serene cutscene here, if you destroyed the research data then well, nothing special. Hackett is on vid comm after you get back. Speak to everyone in the ship and look at all your stuff, look into the specter requisitions if you missed anything earlier. Move around to the other decks and come back and Treynor asks you to speak to Adams, if you speak to Engineer Adams, he has a task for you. Go to the Citadel now and again, speak to everyone there and complete any tasks if you have to visit – here, for the guide on Citadel Tasks. Also, check the Specter Terminal too.

Help Bailey
Run diagonally right and take cover. Enemies are towards your right a bit ahead and a few more come in from the hold above the front door after them. Kill them and move up to the main entrance and speak to Bailey here.
Find the Executor
Go past Bailey here and you'll come to a door. Go thru and you will see two Troopers ahead kill them and take cover behind the couch here so taht you can shoot guys coming from the left stairs. Kill the two Guardians and the Engineer and move in, there's a turret here and more Troopers fall in. Pick up the med-kit to the right of the room and also the other stuff and go thru the next door.
There are a few enemies here, the left door goes to the washroom and has a new Assault Rifle and a few other stuff. The area to the right has some more stuff and if you go straight you should meet a couple of more enemies. Jump into the room to the left and activate the elevator (shoot the Latch first).
There's a locked door to the left which can be opened by using a door control switch in the room ahead to the right. A lot of stuff to pick up around here and after you are done, go into the corner room to the right and you should see an open door to the left ahead. There are two troopers on the other side, take them out and move into the next room. Take cover when you get in and kill the enemies who fall from a window above, ahead of you. Go to the stairs and use the medstation.
Reach the Council
You will see your first Phantom here. Nothing to sweat, just knock out the barrier and all's just meat. Move ahead and jump across for a couple more phantoms and a few Nemesis and Troopers. The situation can get pretty tight so kill quick. Move ahead to the end after that ad then go right and down the path which has the plantation to the side of the building –
Keep going and when you get to the commons area, an Atlas comes after you, destroy it as fast as possible because you don't want to run around for cover. Remove the rest of the enemies and climb the last set of stairs and go in.
Stop the Council Elevator
When you see the power conduits below the elevator, shoot below them. Some enemies get dropped of with you, kill them and keep going. When you see the council elevator, jump across to it. Now, it's decision time….make your own choices.

N7: Ceberus Fighter Base

Clear The Area
There's a Centurion to your left, kill him and move a bit forward so that you can get a good look at the other enemies who are ahead. After you kill them here, go into the room to the far right where the enemies are coming from. Go thru here and pick up the medi-gel from the dispencer, you should get to the room which is filled with enemy troops. Clear this area –
There's another dispecer in this room too and the control panel is to the right. Use the panel and assign one of your squadmates to it and defend this position, it will be under heavy attack. After that is done, you need to go near the second console to the left and hit it. Now a larger wave comes at you whicch includes an Engineer and a Nemesis with Centurions. Pick your cover and take them all down. After they are all down, an Atlas is deployed in the landing zone. But, by now, it should be very easy to take out.
NOTE: You can buy Heating Stabilizers from the Specter Requsitions in the Procurement Terminal in the Shuttle Bay of Normandy, which are needed for the Citadel: Heating Unit Stabilizers task, for more on that visit – here
NOTE: Check all your mails, speak to everyone and do what you need to do, Miranda may send you a mail asking you to meet her in the Citadel.

The following quest comes when you investigate the Asari colony in Messana.
Find the Commandos
Go in thru the door and down all the stairs. When you come to the dark room, go left and pick up everything from the room. Then go right and you will see an Asari Corpse you can examine. Look right and you should see another room with some more stuff. Go out the door near the corpse and soon you will come to a long hall. Exit to the right and after you exit, look right and you will see another Asari Corpse, search it and you should get the mission, Citadel: Asari Widow, for more info visit – here
Now, head out and you will come down a long stair case to a large area, you should be able to hear some wailing by now. Then you see a Banshee, it's an indoctrinated Ardat-Yakshi. They have barriers which are very similar to shields and then armor which can be taken down by all fire and ice abilities and also the armor piercing ammo. These things can teleport short distances and rarely do a ranged attack, they like to get close to their prey's and melee attack and sometimes they pick you up and suck your soul – it's a one shot kill if you get too close to a Banshee. Take it out and some Cannibals pop out. Kill them and go thru the door here.
Go to the Great Hall
You'll meet an Ardat-Yakshi and she gets spooked no matter what you say. Go right and before going out te door check to the left and then go thru. You'll come to more enemies. There's a new shotgun and a medi-gel dispencer in the room to the right and there's another room far ahead past the stairs, go in for more.
Go down the stairs and you'll come to another Banshee along with more Cannibals. This place can get sticky because the Banshee tries to come in close and if you try to move you'll get shot at by the Cannibals and if you don;t move, the Banshee will suck you dry. Try to take out the Cannibals first and then the Banshee but if you are playing on higher difficulties then the easiest thing to do is run back up the stairs and only the Banshee will follow you there. So you can take it out one on one but you will need to kill it quick. Then go bakc down and clear the area; go thru the next door and you'll find a mod to the left in the room. The next door is the elevator to the great hall.
Activate the Bomb
There's a medigel dispencer to the left behind a pillar –
There's another to the right too and another medipack in ahead near the steps leading to the bomb. After you activate the bomb, two Banshee and a few husks come at you, kill the husks as soon as possible so that you can run around when Banshee are following you. So, that's all there is, run around and kill the two Banshee and then watch the cutscene.

After landing, kill the two Troopers ahead and move in. There area lot of enemies to your left, keep killing till they stop coming.
Locate Survivors
Move in a bit and you should meet Jacob. Inside, just keep going and talking to anyone you meet till you see the cutscene with Brynn. Here, if you can go directly opposite to Brynn on the other side of the room, you'll find the Turian Poison cure needed for Citadel: Cerberus Turian Poison, for more info visit – here, here's a video on how to get to the Cure from Brynn's location –

You can talk to Jacob and use the dispencer in the room to the right here and when you are done go thru the door which is to the right from Jacob's location, climb the ladder here and you'll come out. Pick up the new pistol which is to your left and keep going, you will come to more hostiles but destroy the shield Pylon first –
Kill the rest and move ahead, jump down and as you go, more troops attack you when you get near the Override Controls. Kill them quickly and use the Manual Override and brace yourselves. You need to get to the other side of the roof and enable two AA guns and in your path are tons of troops. Start killing them and you need to climb on whatever pipes or boxes you can to get onto a higher level. Take cover behind the shields here and take out the ones ahead of you. Then move in and climb up. Kill the remaning, some trooper would have taken control of a Mounted Turret and if you get into his path then you are swiss cheese. Try to run from cover to cover and avoid it's fire. It's gonna take long but when you reach the end, climb up the ladder to the left and you are on the place where there's an AA gun to the left and the other is to the rigth. Go to one of them and activate the guns, some Shuttles bring in a few troopers and a Phantom. It is advised to kill the Phantom as soon as possible before it can get near to you. After you kill everyone here, activate the Gun again –
Back inside, you can choose to look around a bit or Evacuate the place. If you want to look around then just talk to Jacob again and tell him that you are ready to Evacuate. Three Troops fall into this area so take them out and go down the stairs in the middle of the room and back outside, kill the Troopers in the shuttle bay on your way out. After the door is opened take cover behind the wall here itself –
Start killing the enemies outside, all you need to do is hold on and kill as many as you can and after a lot of killing, an Atlas fall into the fight and after that, the last shuttle goes off and we are free to go back to the Normandy.

Head to the Far Rim and land. Speak to the Admirals and you are pointed to the area of action…
After you get on the broken docking tube of the Dreadnaught, walk to the right laterally, you can circle the whole thing here since you are in zero G. So, walk to the other end and go thru the door. Jump down and climb the higher platform and walk right –
Now climb the platform again past the debris and go right and look for a ladder to the right, climb it andd you should come to an open door to the right, go there and open the door. Go past the next door and move ahead, you should come to a ladder to the right, climb it and use the Docking Controls. Pick up the Arc Pistol and look behind you and go into the tunnel. Go thru the next door and keep going to the right till you see some Bridge Controls. Hit the controls and you will meet the Geth. Kill them and continue on the path and you will need to go down a ladder and more Geth to fight immediately. Destroy the ones here and move ahead. Take everything in this room and head into the next one. There's a Geth Pulse Rifle for you to pick up to the right in this room, go thru after you are done here.
The Hunters can turn invisible and come in very very close like Phantoms but the problem is that Phantoms try to Melee you but do not always suceed but the Hunters use shotguns to blow our shield out and beacuse of that we need to be very careful, you cannot use any power on a Hunter when it is cloaked, but a simple bullet shot can disturb their cloaking, so shoot them and use your powers, Tali's Sabotage is very useful on a Hunter. Anyway, you need to work fast here and you do not want the Hunters to get too close. After you take the ones here, go to the other side of the room and hit the controls and more come on their way, again watch out for the Hunters, there are more than a couple and can get very close even before you notice. After killing the things here go to the far left door which the Geth used to get in here and go into the next room and keep going.
Climb down all the ladders and pick up medigel near the door. Keep going and you'll come into a lengthy and narrow chamber which actually is the cannon of the ship. THe cannon shoots shock waves and if you are caught in the shock, your shields bust up and if your shield are already busted then there'll be more trouble. Take cover and kill the Geth here, there are going to be a lot of them. Keep going and once you reach the middle, you can go up right into the side. Go there and keep walking and you should see the Override controls ahead of you as you come back onto the main path. Hit the Override controls (use map button to highlight). You'll come into a new kind of chamber, jsut keep running ahead and you will be back to the old  kind of chamber. Take cover immeditaely and kill the teo Rocket Troopers on top of the ramp ahead of you and climb it and go down. Take cover and kill the remaining Geth, keep going and you can again, go right above a ramp in the end, follow this path and you should come to a door. Go thru and you hitch an elevator ride – just run to Tali…
Central Core
After speaking, climb up the ladder to the left and run all around this place till you get to the override controls, hit them and brace for a long fight. A lot of all kinds of Geth show up including a Geth Prime. There are going to be two waves of the same enemies and you need to keep moving as you destroy them. So in total you'll fight two Prime, keep going till the end after fighting the second Prime and go down the ladder.
NOTE: Back on the Normandy, you should see a distress call beside Raan, listen to it and talk to Raan to warn her, this way you get a new mission. Anyway, speak to all your crew, read your mail and if you are on the Citadel you should have met Miranda Lawson. Look at the specter terminal in the Embassies, and what not.

This one's a unique mission – and I mean really unique – you enter a "totally new world" – uniqe.
After you are inside, the platform you are walking on will auto build itself as you keep moving ahead. Now, sometimes certain pieces of data will block the building of the platform you are on, in this case, shoot at the data to destroy it and the platform continues. Here's a picture of the data blocking your path ahead –
You can only shoot at the part of the data which is orange in color, shoot enough to let you pass through and do not worry about the ammo – it regenerates automatically. Keep going and be sure to kill the data properly, soon you'll pass thru an access point and come to another area. Keep going and you will see your first data node –
It's a large box of data which has three data lines coming out of it which look like this –
You need to completely destroy the orange (infected) data on the data cubes so shoot mltiple times so that there's no infected data remaining on the data node – the orange stuff should go away completely. Move around and destroy the other two data lines from the node too and after that hold the view button to watch the data – this gives us intel too. Keep going after this and you should destroy a total of three data cubes in this area and then go thru an access point into te next area.
In this area, some of the infected data has backups, because of this if you keep destorying the infected data ahead of you, it will just grow back, so you have to destroy the back up first and then the data infornt of you, the back up to the first infection you come across is above your –
Destroy this and move ahead, keep going till you come to another data cube. All data lines emerging from this cube have backups (some have two), so look arounf for the back ups and kill them, just shoot the first infected part of the data lines you see, here are pics –

These are only three, you need to destory two more – one each for the second and third data lines to destroy the node, if your gun is not shooting them, then make sure you stand on the endge as close to the data as possible. After that, keep going and you'll come to another node. Keep doing the same things a few more times and you should be done in this place.
NOTE: You can now buy "Reaper Code Fragments" which are needed for the task Citadel: Reaper Code Fragments; from the specter requisitions in Procurement Terminal in shuttle bay of Normandy, for more on that visit – here

Land on the planet and you are briefed about the situation by Hackett and a Turian on site.
Before we start the mission, we can pick up the Medical Treatment Plans needed for Citadel: Chemical Treatment, just go ahead from the left of the Turian infornt of you and you will come to the plans which are on a crate to the right –
Go right from the Turian and you should see Riley to the right again, speak to her and go in after the ccrate is move, you should see a crane control panel to the right. Use it and first hit the right button then drop the box using the middle button and then move the crane to the left and again use the middle button to lift the next box and then take it to the right. This should clear a path for us, go to back and to the right and you should come to a Vent Control, hit it to vent the toxic gas. Now, go back and down the stairs (hit the navigation assistance or map button to highlight the location) and activate the fuel reactor. As soon as you do so, you'll be attacked by Husks and a Marauder, first kill the two barrier engines in this place –
After that, take care of all the Husks. Now, to the fuel tanks, go back up the stairs and to the fuel tanks, activate the first tank and then go up the stairs and get to the second tank and start it too. Now, the override is just to the right here so hit it. You'll be assaulted by a large group of Husks and Marauders in several waves, you can take cover to the left of the override controls on the lower platform. Before doing anything look at these –
They are barrier engines and keep regenerating shields and barriers on the enemis. The first thing you need to do is to destroy all barrier engines in the vicinty, you can know that an engine is nearby if you see a violet beam coming into an enemy or the shields are regenerating even as you shoot them. Hit the engine first and then take out everything else. After killing the lot here, Riley gets into trouble so you can send any of one of your suqdmate to her for help. A Brute along with two more Marauders come at you. Kill the Marauders first so that you can take out the Brute alone, again destory the barrier engines which are nearby. You have a lot of space to run around too so you can always keep a safe distance from the Brute.
After you kill the Brute, hit the last control panel and go thru the chamber to right of the panel and keep going till you reach Riley and the rest of the guys.

After landing, keep going on the path and you should come to Geth, destroy them and keep moving in further. After a bit of running you'll come to more Geth. kill them and kee going and you should come to the Jamming tower. Take cover and start emptying the place. After you take them out, go to the control panel but before tinkering with it, pick up the Geth Spitfire rifle to the right of the panel and be ready for a lot of Geth. Assign one of your squadmates and get to cover and start burning some metal. A Geth Prime is also dropped here, take it out first. Then go to where the Prime and the other Geth came from and up the slope, pick up the mod and medkit here and jump over and keep going.
Disable remaining AA Guns
So, keep going and you should come to a branch in the road, go left and kill the geth here and run to the console, assign a team mate and then run back towards the Mounted Turret nearby. Mount it and watch the fun – you can take out an entire wave which has a Prime in two minutes. After clearing this area, go right from the Control Panel ad you should see a tunnel that leads to the next place. Kill the Geth here and go there and kill them here too and go back to the panel and assign a squadmate. Run to the turret –
After destroying all the Geth here, you go to save Koris. Koris is on the ground ahead of you and the Geth are shooting at him, the best part is that again, we are on a mounted turret. Kill the Geth down there and pick up Koris and this ends here.

After landing, you should see a large wave of Geth ahead of you behind all the pipes and other things. Take out the Geth here and go down there. The door to the right ahead will be shut down and some Geth come out. Kill the ones here and go up the pipes to the right of the door –
Keep climbing them till you get to the top where you need to fight more Geth, just keep going after that and climb a couple more laddrs till you see yourself on higher ground and Geth are ahead of you on the lower level. Take cover and kill the ones here, you need to go to the other side and thru a door there but you will face heavy resistance against all the Geth that keep coming. And, beware of the large number of Rocket Troopers here.
Go thru the next door and you'll come outside,walk left for a mod and keep going on the path and you will meet Geth all along the path here, so whenever you see one, just take cover, shoot out every Geth in the vicinity and move ahead, keep repeating till you reach the end. In the end, Geth shoot from a balcony to the left, kill them and pick up the Plasma Shotgun (the best shotgun in the game) which is to the left of the door and go to the other side.
Hit the override switch and take cover behind the place here –
Geth come from your left and right so here's the best place for cover. Hit it and kill all the Geth that come at you. Then run over to the console and hit it and kill the Geth that come here too, there's a Prime that coems down the elevator. Climb the elevator and go up. Now, you have to face and destory three Geth Prime at the same time and it will not be easy, pick up the Geth Spitfire which is on the crates just as you exit the elevator. It is best if you go to the Prime on the right first and kill it, use overload and all kinds of other powers, you need to do it quickly too. There's another Spitfire here too where the Prime to the right came from, so take it if you run out on the first one, you should be able to kill all the Primes between these two Spitfires and also a lot of power usage. It's going to be difficult but you need to kill the Prime to the right first and fast so that you have some space to move around, use your grenades and what not on that one. After killing the three Primes, go right to the end and use the laser pointer in the base on the glowing red thing. You'll need to hold the fire button and wait for it to target. After the base is hit, something comes out, run to the left and get into the ship.
Now then, we finally fight a Reaper, and in Grand Style too. You have the targeting laser in your hands and you can to the right or left to avoid getting hit by the reaper, so when you see the laseer coming at you, run in one direction to avoid it. Hold the fire button and aim at the red spot to fire the weapons. You can stop aiming and then resume from the same aim position even if your run around to miss the laser so that not a probelm. You need to hit the reaper about four times to get it down. Here's a video to help you –

After that you need to choose an ally and unfortunately, you can choose only one, so pick after thinking.
NOTE: You may be asked to meet Miranda in the apartments area of the Citadel Commons. If you did not meet her earlier, then you better do it now.

Head into the Human Embassy office opposite to the specter office and speak to the Councillor. You should now get a new mission Priority: Thessia.
Land on Thessia and go straight and right to pick up some salvage and other things, go speak to Lieutenant Kurin after that.
You'll need to mount the Turret nearby, go to it and take it. There'll be Brutes coming from ahead and Husks from the left. Keep killing the Husks and the Brutes, Husks first since they keep clawing at the Barrier, so just point left and shoot all the Husks and when they are down or their numbers are thinned, point to the Brutes.
After you take care here, go down the road and you will come to more enemies from ahead. Take cover below the road and start killing everything ahead. Keep going and you will keep facing all kinds of enemies which include a Banshee. Keep your distance from the Banshee and run back if you need to. Only start shooting it when it stops teleporting. After you kill the Banshee go to where it came from. As you keep going, you will see some Asari Snipers above you in the distance, get there and take cover. There are going to be a lot of enemies ahead and below you so start killing. Go down from the left and thru the opening which is to the right, far ahead.
Now, you need to climb some cascading platforms which look like –
After you climb up, you will see a cutscene and then after that to the left of where you are standing after the cutscene you should be able to see a missile launcher. Destroy the barrier engine here –
Take the launcher and go back and down the cascading platforms and take cover and keep the launcher for future use. As you keep killing, a Banshee comes at you, you can should use the Launcher now. After killing the Banshee, move ahead and take cover because two Harvesters are waiting for you along with other things. There is a barrier engine nearby –
Destroy it first to make quicker kills. After taking down everything on the ground, point to the Harvesters and take them down too. You should have noticed the Ravagers too here. Just hold back and take it slow, kill the first thing that is nearest to you and go on like that. After everything is done, keep going and you will come inside the temple. Pick up the medkit to the left as you enter. You need to find a few artifacts here to activate the beacon, here's a video on where the artifacts are –

They are around here and can look like anything. Just interact with them to activate them. After you activate all the artifacts, we take on Cerberus's best killer.
Okay, the most important thing here is cover. Take cover properly and you should be fine. After that, keep using your shield dropping abilities like disruptor ammo and overload and all the other similar abilities. Every time you take down about three of his shield points he goes back to recharge during which a Cerberus Gunship keeps firing at you. Note that you can still use powers even now so that you can make it quicker to kill him. So, keep dropping his shields and then watch the fun.
NOTE: Read your mail and speak to everyone.

You are in a large area which is the center for Alliance comms. You'll face the usual troops, Centurions, Troopers, some Nemesis too. Just take cover and take them all out. You'll get the Navpoints for your radio, use the Navigation Assistancce or the Map button to highlight the location of the hacking console. Anyway, from where you start, there's a medkit in the area a bit to the left ahead of you where Cerberus soldiers came from –
The first device is on a ramp to the left ahead, go there and disable it. As soon as you do so, enemies come from ahead so be ready for them. After you kill them, go to the next device, be aware of the Nemesis this time and disable this one too. There's a medstation in the central room. Sometimes, the Cerberus troops come in from different directions so keep looking into your minimap to know where they are.
For the last Navpoint, you need to ask the person nicely and she gives it to you. Then get to the place and disable it and this ends our charade here.
NOTE: Buy the Cerberus Encryption Codes from the Procurement Terminal which are needed for the task Citadel: Cerberus Ciphers.

Land on Horizon and walk ahead, about halfway, you'll be ambushed by a couple of Phantoms and a Nemesis. The Nemesis is ahead of you on top to the right. Kill all three and go thru the door in the end here.
Explore Sanctuary
You'll be in an office of some kind, there are a lot of logs here and other stuff, read or listen to all the logs here and go to the end and turn right and go down the stairs. Go right from below and you'll come to more Troopers. Kill them and go into the room to the left from the end. Activate the console ahead and watch the play. Go right and hit the water pump here –
Go down into the drained area and thru the next few doors till you come into a lab of sorts. There's another console in the center in the lab –
After watching that cutscene, go thru the door to the right and then the one down stairs but be ready to be assaulted immediately after that by a dozen Husks or so. You can always run back a bit and take those Husks down. After killing them, move ahead, go thru the door or the opening – you'll come to the same place. This area has a Banshee and a lot of Marauders and even a Ravagers. Kill the Banshee first, and again, run back a bit if you need to. Kill the Ravager and the Marauders later and then go thru the door which comes in the end to the left, but pick up the medigel in this room before you go thru the door.
Search the Perimeter
Pick up ammo and read the logs here and go up the stairs and you'll come to more enemies. There are barrier engines in the lane to the left and the right –
Destroy the engines first and then take out everything else. There are two more engines inside the places, one to the left and one to the right. Kill all the enemies here and activate the console which is to the left at the end and climb up the ladder which just came down opposite to the console.
There are two more barrier engines here and a load of other monsters. Take your time killing them and moving ahead. Keep killing and when you reach the end, go thru the door to the right. Jump on the car and shoot the latch and activate it. Jump across after it stops and go in. Okay, you just need to kill fast or this place will be hell for you. You'll may be surprised too. The best thing you can do is put something between you and the enemey so that it does not run into you straight. Keep moving and kill the things. Just keep moving if they get even a little bit close to you. Take them out from a distance. There are a lot of obstacles here so you can just run behind anything. After you do all that, go to the end and right into the elevator and you'll be done here.
NOTE: This is your last chance to visit the Citadel….

So, after you land, you should take cover behind the car to the right, the shuttle is slanted and we will have problems killing enemies from here. This place sends out fighter jets and if they hit you (stay in cover to avoid being hit) then you'll be damage by a lot. Kill everyone here first. There will be a lot and you can bet on it. An Atlas also comes your way, take it out and kill the rest. After everyone is down, a ladder comes down to the left in the middle of the room, climb it and  go into the door.
Activate the console here and immediately take cover behind the wall. A guardian with some others approach you from ahead. Kill them and move ahead, another wave of Centurions and a Nemesis attack you here and then go into the next room and hit the rotation controls. Keep moving and go down the ladder to the right and then hit the clamp controls to the right just as you come down the ladder. Now, you'll see an Atlas come from ahead, you should run ahead, and look to the right and you will see an empty Atlas of a cerberus trooper just climbing into it –
Take control of the Atlas and destroy the one opposite to you and also the other one. Get out of the Atlas and go into the hole in the wall and thru the door to the left. Go down the ladder and take cover, you'll see enemies come from the right. Kill the ones here and move to the right, keep killing and go all the way and climb the ladder that comes to your left at the end and read all the logs. Go thru the fire to the right ahead and into the debris and you should come into more pipes and also Engineers. You'll need to go thru three seperate waves of enemies and all have Engineers and Turrets. Kill the Engineers first and then save the rest for later, also destroy the shield Pylons in this area. When you kill everyone in a certain area, move ahead and take cover and kill the rest of them. The number of Engineers that come at you keeps increasing. In the end, climb the ladder again.
Read the logs and move on. There's a Medstation to the left here and then after EDI opens the door, go out. The next area needs can be accessed if you go thru the broken part of the wall to the left –
But in the rooms ahead, you will find more logs and medigel. Go thru the hole after that. You will come onto platforms and you need to go all around this platform and climb the ladder. But there are Phantoms and Nemesis and other enemies in your path. Kill them quickly – Phantoms first and go up the ladder. You need to climb two more ladders facing the same enemies, finally you'll come into a room. There's ammo and medigel to the left. Take them and go into the room ahead.
Boss: Kai Leng
I am sure that you were just waiting for this fight to come down. This can be a little messy. In the beginning, keep tapping the melee button to avoid getting killed. Then you start your assault. Use as many Overloads and Disruptor ammo as you can to get rid of his shields first. This won't be east and he does stop to recharge three times as you keep decreasing his health. He also, shoot some kind of shock wave at you so run ro avoid it. When he stops to recharge, he blasts the floor and some other enemies come down. The first wave have four troopers and the second wave has a Nemesis and three Troopers and the last wave has two Phantoms. Better kill the Phantoms as soon as possible. Stay behind cover always and if a grenade is thrown at you just move to another place but be careful while doing so. You may die a couple of times here but keep trying and you will get a hang of it. Once his shields are down, he's like a normal Trooper and you can take him down easily.
Here's a video of me killing Kai Leng on INSANITY difficulty, hope it helps –

NOTE: After that we have only one place to go, buy anything you want to and speak to everyone, we go to take back Earth.

As you may have imagined, there's a lot of lead-up beforey you start this mission, but after everything is said, you'll find yourself on Ground Zero. Run for cover and make your stand here. Kill all the cannibals – there are a lot but easy to kill. Keep killing and move up slowly. There are Marauders at the top and Brutes start coming in too. If you need to go back down to keep distance from the Brutes then do so and kill them fast. From the top, go across the street to the right and jump into the room for goodies. Keep killing and then go up the ramp of rubble which is to the right past the rooms ahead. You'll see a cutscene but keep going and take cover.
We are looking for a heavy missile to take down the large reaper cannon which keeps making an awful lot of disturbance while we shoot. On top, there are a lot more Cannibals to kill ahead. After you take them down, go right and take cover. Kill the Mrauders and the Ravager here before going to take the weapon. So take the weapon and just aim anywhere on the cannon and hold the fire button till it shoots and watch the fireworks. After that, fall back a bit and take cover, the big sister of all Banshee – Morinth is coming for you. Start shooting her from the distance itself and if you need more space, just go back to the beginning of this area and kill it. You need to survive till the shuttle gets here that means you need to kill everything before they kill you. After the shuttle comes, you can jump into it or kill everything and then jump.
You'll have some time for a breather now. Your squadmates are around here, James is just opposite after you get down the ladder. Go right and keep going till you see a door to the right, go in and talk to the guy, he can patch you up with all the friends you know, talk  to them and go back out. If you have Kaidan or Ashley on your team they are also here. Go up the ramp at the end to the right and you will keep coming into more squadmates. After you go thru the Turian camp, you are asked to mount a turret and kill the enemies who come at the walls. Kill till it's done and move ahead, talk to everyone and then finally to Anderson and move out.
Pass No-Man's Land
So, start killing everything ahead. There will be a lot and then some more. Cannibals and Marauders just come like ants. All you need to do is kill and then kill some more. Keep moving and you will kill more. After this area is cleared, go right from the end and you should come to a Harvester. Take cover behind the wall which is a bit behind to the left of the Mako. Kill the harvester and then the Banshee and go in thru the door to the left at the end of this place. You will come into a garage, kill the Husks here and then a few Brutes come to the party. Stay behind some cover and kill the Brutes fast, move if you need to or if they get too close, this place is conjested to fight a brute but try to keep something inbetween you and the Brutes and be wary of the Husks. Go up the ladder which is behind the cars to the left in this place and up the ramp.
Clear Reaper Strong-Point
There's nothing more to say, just kill everything you see ahead in the rooms and then go thru the door to the right. Soon, as you keep moving, you will come on the ground again with enemies ahead. There'll be a lot of Marauders here, it's like a Marauder Convention or a world meet of Marauders. Keep killing them and you should also see a Ravager on top of a Truck after you kill a lot of these things, a Brute comes for us. Kill it and go into the building to the right ahead where all these things keep coming from. This place has a lot of Cannibals, so keep killing and move out of this place onto the ground again. You will face more Cannibals outside again.
Reach Battery
Kill all the cannibals here and go into the room ahead. The next place is filled with Enemies so open the door and take cover here itself behind the door. Go in and grab the medigel station at the end of the room and jump into the next room and as you go out, you will see a Brute. Kill the Brute and then go into the alley ahead. When you reach the end – you'll see, just run back and do the killing. After the entire area is empty, go into the area ahead and open the door to see a cutscene.
Secure Missile Battery
Kill the enemies near the battery and then Anderson tells us that the signalling is not working. One of your squadmated (I had EDI) should tell us that a link can be established with the Normandy and the missiles can be launched then. Go to the launcher and deactivate the missiles. Then go into the room to the left here –
There's a Hydra Missile Launcher behind the counter and oh boy! you are going to so need that now. Just take cover here and start killing everything that comes at you. There should also be a medkit here so use it later. Keep killing and then a Banshee comes in. Another one after that too, still, do not use the launcher yet. After killing all that go to the missiles and activate them and ….. nothing happens.
There's a medstation in the house opposite to the one yopu should be in. You are going to need that too. Now, while waiting for the next missiles to be activated, you will face a load of enemies, it's going to be a nightmare coming alive. First wave has a few Brutes. To deal with them I suggest that you run around like hell and blow them from cover. Just do not stay in one place for too long and do not let them get close to you. Concentrate all your firepower on one at a time so that you can atleast kill them fast. After Brutes, a number of Banshee come in with fire support from other troops. The moment you hear that the missiles are online, I advise you run to them and hit the switch. You can also choose to stay and fight but that can get a bit problematic with all the things around that want to kill us. You should use the missile launcher now to take out a Banshee on your way to the next set of missiles. After you launch the missiles, support comes in and takes you away.
After you are on the ground I suggest you just run for it. Keep running till you explode. After you wake up, shoot only headshots to kill the things quickly and walk into the beam.
Keep walking on the only path here and you see things happen….
If you have over 5000 effective points of war assets then you should let the captain die and then use the renegade icon when it flashes on the screen to take out the guy infront of you – this is the best way to go. You should be given three choices next, make one. If you want to see all endings then do not worry, just go back to a saved game and play the ending again but there's nothing noteworthy in the difference between the endings so do not beat yourself up about not seeing the endings.
I read a complaint on the net where a colorblind player tells the creators of Mass Effec 3 – Bioware, that he saw only one ending no matter what he did….





As many of you must know, there has been a huge uproar from the fans because they detested the ending and sincerely speaking, I thought the endings made no sense – most of the reasons have been discussed in numerous forums on many sites. I would like to tell you that the endings are just a temporary ones and Bioware will change the endings – simply because there have been some very very dumb mistakes in the ending. I will write down some of the things I found unsettling –
1) The choices on whether to kill Anderson and the Illusive Man appear in renegade and if you do not do anything you die, so you choose renegade no matter what in the end.
2) Shepard in shown to be alive if you get 5000 effective points of war assets – only if you let Anderson die and choose to Destroy the Reapers. You were on the Citadel which was a few hundred thousand miles from the Earth and everything explodes after your choice, how does Shepard end up alive in the middle of rubble – in between what looked like cement slabs and sand – both of which are not on the Citadel, so did he smash into the earth like a comet and still survive like superman?
3) Why does the reaper AI manifest itself like the child Shepard keeps dreaming about because he could not save him back on earth. 
4) All the war force of the Galaxy is in the Sol System – the solar system which Earth belongs to. If the Mass Relays were destoryed, did all the aliens of the galaxy, settle on earth? because if the reapers were killed then they survived.
5) Why is killing reapers bad and controlling them good? – the choices in the end are in red and blue as in renegade and paragon colors. And the neutral choice is to merge with all synthetic life forms, which means that EDI and Joker can now have babies? –

6) Finally, the squadmates are all on Earth and Joker is fighting the Reapers away from earth. Also, you take two squadmates with you into the fight and they can be seen in the end cutscene, how did they teleport onto the Normandy. And the first mass relay to be destroyed was the one closest to Earth, so the Normandy must be trapped near Earth itself but is seen fleeing the blast but being caught in it in the end and it fall on a planet which according to all reason and logic has to be Earth because of all the Flora seen and since no other planet close to Earth can look like that.
7) What friggin' planet is this? –
   It cannot be Earth since the moon or whatever that is in the front never came that close. The Humans are heard, talking about Shepard – this may seem trivial but how did he know the choices which Shepard was given in the end….even if Shepard survived to tell the tale, Shepard must have been on Earth atleast and that is not Earth and since all the Mass Relays were destroyed the tale of Shepard could not have reached anywhere else or we have been playing the fake bedtime story which the elder guy seems to be telling to the kid (since three games) – now that is depressing…