Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Content Suffers Setbacks

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance fans everywhere were looking forward to fighting the good fight all over again with the release of eight new playable characters including Hulk, Nightcrawler, Venom and Magneto. But after yesterday’s intended release of the downloadable character packs had come and gone without delivering the goods, players were forced to wait a bit longer to get their smashing fix.

It turns out that the character packs are still held up in the QA process, and Activision has even pulled the release information from the game’s website. This morning, Matthew Paul, producer on Ultimate Alliance, addressed the delay on the Xbox Live forums:

“I wanted you to know that we are still wrapping up QA on the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Heroes and Villains XBL DLC so it isn’t out yet as some of you might have read,” explained Paul. “We are working hard to finalize the packs and will let you know a new release date shortly. Thanks for your patience and support. The DLC will be well worth the wait once you get your hands on it.”

Although it shouldn’t be long before eager fans are able to get their hands on the new characters, all is not well. An auto-update released on Xbox Live yesterday in preparation for the new content carried with it some nasty side-effects for some unfortunate players. According to Kotaku, some users are reporting that the patch caused some of the rare items saved to their characters to randomly change effects. The patch has since been removed from Xbox Live and Activision is looking into the issue, which may have played a role in the downloadable content’s delay.