Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance Grows Stronger

With such a fierce passion for their favorite pastime, comic fans and gamers alike can be tough to please. Sometimes even the most impressive comic-based games can face criticism from disappointed fans whose favorite characters are nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, downloadable content offers the perfect solution.

Today, Activision announced the first downloadable update for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Effectively titled the Marvel: Ultimate Heroes and Villains expansion pack, the update will add eight popular characters to the game’s roster, including: Hulk, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Hawkeye, Venom, Sabretooth, Magneto and Doctor Doom.

“The signature gameplay of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance has made it a favorite among fans, as well as the best-selling Super Hero game on the Xbox 360 to date,” said Rob Kostich, VP of global brand management at Activision. “By adding some of the biggest names in the Marvel Universe to the roster we’re enabling Xbox 360 gamers to build a variety of all-new teams and enjoy the epic action in brand new ways.”

While the content doesn’t add any new areas or enemies, each character does come equipped with their own unique powers, skins and dialogue, and Activision is balancing the new arrivals to take advantage of team bonuses found in the game and adding new teams to accommodate the increased roster size. The update will also add 10 new achievements to the game’s sizeable list.

Activision plans to release the new content next month in a few different packages. Gamers can choose to download just the four heroes or villains in separate packs for 500 Microsoft Points ($6.25), or get all eight characters in one package for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).