Marvel Announces Talent Behind Halo Comic

Joe Quesada, the Editor in Chief of Marvel, announced at the New York Comic Con that author Brian Michael Bendis would be handling writing duties for the Halo comic book.

Bendis has become one of the premier names in the comic industry, and specifically the Marvel brand, thanks in large part to his success with the Ultimate comic line, including the best-selling Ultimate Spiderman series.

Joining him will be Alex Maleev, the talented artist that worked with Bendis on the Daredevil comic. Maleev has a distinct drawing style that makes use of dark, grainy imagery, giving his work a very gritty and atmospheric mood.

The fact that Marvel is putting together a proven team of individuals that are currently in high demand from comic fans certainly points toward the idea that the comic company is serious about making the Halo comic more than a mere cash in.