Mark Rein: Much More Gears of War 2 Information Yet to Come; What We Have Now is Just a “Tidbit

According to vice president of Epic, Mark Rein, the flood of information regarding Gear of War 2 that hit the internet was in reality just a trickle, with much more to come at a later date.

When Rein was asked how excited he was about Gears 2, he relied, “Awesome, I’ve had a chance to read the Game Informer story now and I think when people get a chance to read it they’ll see that [Gears 2 is] really good. And we told the Game Informer guys just a tidbit about the game. We showed them some stuff, obviously, but we’re keeping a lot of information back that will make people go, ‘It’s even better than this.’ As good as they say it is, and they really, really like it, there’s still a lot of story to open up between now and when the game ships in November… I think people will really enjoy this game.”

Unfortunately, Rein didn’t disclose when and where we would receive further information of Gears 2, and even went as far to confirm that we definitely wouldn’t be seeing it at this year’s Comic Con in New York, even though the event has issued a press release stating we would.

“I’d say [Comic Con was] over zealous,” stated Rein. “Mike Capps, who’s our president, and Joshua Ortega, who’s the writer on Gears 2, will be on a panel there together, so I’m sure they’ll be talking about things to do with the process around making Gear 2. I think that’s probably where it got confusing. We’re not demoing anything, but we’ll still have a chance to talk about the game.”