Manhattan Gym Charges $110 Per Hour for Wii-Enhanced Workout

Can’t get a hold of a copy of Wii Fit? Fear not, for there are alternate means to gain the benefits of working out with the Wii Balance Board! For a small fee, of course. And by small, I mean a whopping $110 per hour. Yikes. You could pay for a copy of Wii Fit and even a brand new Wii with about three hours of that workout, provided you can even find them on shelves, of course.

“Personal trainer Dorothy Evans has started to employ the Wii in her sessions with customers, combining it with workouts on treadmills and boxing classes.

[…]”It may have little to do with the real sports, but we get people’s heart rates up to 140 to 150 beats per minute – although some of that may just be the excitement of the game.” — CVG

Okay, so the article is a bit misleading – the workout isn’t exactly Wii Fit-centric so much as it’s a normal workout that happens to incorporate the Wii. Still, though, $110? I can’t exactly compare that price with other personal trainer rates, but I can’t help but think that much of that rate is just capitalizing on the popularity of Wii Fit. Oh well, such is the price of simulating hula hooping and jogging.