Man Steals Roommate’s Xbox 360, Pawns it and Makes More Money Than GameStop’s Trade-in Value

Ever been to rehab? If so, your roommate didn’t happen to steal your Xbox 360 and sell it while you were detoxing, did he? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to one unlucky gamer. Tyrone Vontell Horton was arrested in Iowa City on the charge that he stole his roommate’s Xbox 360 while his roommate was in rehab. Apparently, the man pawned (not pwned) the 360 at Money & More for $230. The owner of the system, however, paid $453.59 for the system and is suing for that amount. Although Horton has not pleaded guilty to the crime, he agreed to turn himself in.

There’s always the off chance that the original owner of the console was in gaming rehab and this was to help him rather than to steal from him, but for some reason I doubt that. If there’s any moral to this story, I think it’s that you should always check with your pawn shop if you’re considering trading in your console — they might just give you more than GameStop.