Mama Done Cooking, Sets Sights on Gardening

The latest edition of Famitsu magazine has revealed that Taito is at work on a spinoff to the popular Cooking Mama series, which will be titled Gardening Mama and release for Nintendo DS.

Gardening Mama, just like the cooking games before it, will involve you in every aspect of the project you’re working on. From watering your garden to picking healthy-looking flower bulbs to figuring out just the right amount of fertilizer to apply, you’ll need to be nimble with the DS touch pen if you want any hope of raising a beautiful garden and impressing your neighbors. Wi-Fi multiplayer support of some sort is also in the works, although no specifics yet. — 1UP

Thus far, Gardening Mama is only slated for release in Japan, sometime this winter. Releases in other regions have not been announced, but you can be sure that we’ll pass along the word once we hear anything.

Gardening itself doesn’t sound too exciting to me personally, but with the expansive DS audience, I’m sure there are at least a few people interested in seeing what Mama can cook up outside of the kitchen.