MAG Has a Release Date

Just a heads up: searching MAG on Google images, with safe search disabled, is…well…not safe for work…or school…or kids.

Now that that is all cleared up, we can get down to business, and get down to business we will.

MAG is an upcoming first-person shooter for the PlayStation 3 that seems to have a very simple philosophy. Bigger is better (this might have something to do with the inappropriate Google results). So far, everything we’ve seen of MAG has been quite ambitious. The game promises to deliver 256 player online matches. When can you sink your hypothetical teeth into these matches, you ask? Well, Sony has just revealed that the game’s official release date is January 26, 2010.

Impatient? Don’t want to wait that long? Or, perhaps you are just skeptical of how these huge matches will work? Well, Sony employees have been seen playing a MAG beta online. No official word on when/if the beta will go public, but I’d say with the amount of people they will need play testing this game, it’s safe to assume there will be a public beta before the game launches.