Madden NFL 12 – Top 5 Wide Receivers

NFL Wide Receivers are an interesting bunch. With great talent, often comes great drama. Labeled the “Prima donna” position from a few bad apples (Ochocinco and T.O.), this year’s Madden NFL 12 features wide receivers that come with the talent, but not the “baggage” that we’re used to.

With the recent retirement announcement by Randy Moss we turn towards Madden to find a new receiver to dominate on the field. When you hear Spectacular Catch, his name should be the first to come to mind. But now that he’s gone it’s time to turn to a new generation of young studs. Let’s take a look at the top wide receivers in Madden NFL 12, courtesy of ESPN’s Jon Robinson. Get them the damn ball!

Andre Johnson: 97
Andre Johnson is, hands down, one of the top wide receivers in the game, but until this year he hasn’t ever been considered the very best wide receiver in football. He’s often overshadowed by receivers playing on a winning team or the ones whining that they don’t get the ball enough. Andre Johnson goes about his business and puts up sick numbers week after week. This year, Madden shows Andre Johnson some love rating him the top receiver in this year’s game. Johnson has 94 speed, 94 acceleration, 93 agility, 96 catching, 93 jumping, 99 stamina, 98 toughness, 95 route running, 90 spectacular catch, and 95 catch in traffic. Watch out for the Texans this year as Johnson gives them a ton of firepower.

Larry Fitzgerald: 96
Larry Fitzgerald had a quiet year, by his standards, last year. Now that he has an actual quarterback (for those of you who believe in Kevin Kolb), look for him to return to his big numbers. At least that’s what the folks at EA are thinking giving him 98 catching, 99 jumping, 99 stamina, 97 toughness, 98 route running, 98 spectacular catch, and 95 catch in traffic. Don’t expect him to burn past the cornerbacks as his speed is a pedestrian 87 and his acceleration is 89.

Roddy White: 96
There is no doubt that Roddy White can make defenders look silly in the open field. With his 92 speed, 94 acceleration, 95 agility, 92 elusiveness, 87 spin, and 92 juke, I would be cautious using the hit stick on him. It won’t be hard for him to make you miss, so take my advice and go for the “sure” tackle.

Reggie Wayne: 95
Reggie Wayne is the prototypical smart, precise wide receiver with sure hands. With 99 route running, 98 awareness, and 98 catching, expect Wayne to be the go to receiver for Peyton Manning. Don’t be afraid to throw it to him in coverage as he boasts 97 spectacular catch and 95 catch in traffic.

Calvin Johnson: 93
Like Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson suffers from playing for a sub-par team. There’s no doubt this guy is one of the best though. In my opinion, Madden NFL 12 underrates him. Where is the love EA? He has 95 speed, 94 acceleration, 96 agility, 99 jumping, 97 spectacular catch, 89 catch in traffic, 86 route running, 87 spin, 90 juke. We know what we are getting with Calvin Johnson, but we can’t ignore he still has a very young quarterback throwing the ball to him.

Greg Jennings: 93
Greg Jennings! Ok, so this makes it technically the top 6 wide receivers in Madden NFL 12, but this guy puts the team on his back! Expect him to carry you in the end zone with 94 speed and 95 acceleration. If that weren’t enough, maybe his 95 spectacular catch, 88 catch in traffic, and 93 route running, 87 spin, and 91 juke will appeal to you.

Get your popcorn ready because these receivers are sure to be game changers. There’s no doubt that the NFL has a ton of talent at the wide receiver position. It’s hard to think Brandon Marshall was left off the list. Who do you feel was left off the list of top-tier receivers?