Madden NFL 12 – AFC East Breakdown

Madden NFL 12 is arriving August 30, but if you’re anything like us at GameZone, you are dying to know your favorite teams’ overall. Thankfully, Jon Robinson of ESPN has given us an initial look at the team ratings and overalls in Madden NFL 12. Though the breakdowns for each team are very limited, it’s still nice to see what the EA Sports are thinking in terms of team overall. GameZone is going to give our thoughts in this divisional breakdown of Madden NFL 12 teams.

Starting with the AFC, this division contains one of the most intense rivalries in the New York Jets and New England Patriots. Once again both of these teams are at the top of the rankings in Madden 12. But who gets the top spot this year in the AFC East?

New England Patriots: 88
The number one spot in the AFC East, and third best overall in the game, goes to the New England Patriots. Is that any surprise? Any team that contains “Wonderboy” Tom Brady, and his 99 overall, will be the team to beat. On top of that, the Patriots feature 21 players rated with an overall of 80 or higher. Not bad for a bunch of players you’d never think would amount to much. There’s no doubt that players exceed their expectations when they go to the Patriots and my guess is every player on the Patriots got a five point boost in overall because they are being coached by Bill Belichick.

New York Jets: 87
The New York Jets follow a close second to the Patriots, and are tied for fourth highest overall in Madden 12. Unlike, the Partriots, the Jets overall comes from their defense. Darrelle Revis, and his 99 overall, join a defensive already made up of three other 90+ overall defenders.

Miami Dolphins: 78
This next team follows a distant third top tier teams in the AFC East. Chad Henne continues to be the Dolphins achilles’ heel. WIth 75 throwing accuracy, it might be hard for him to hit Brandon Marshall in the open field. Although, the offensive line is bolstered by two stud tackles, the Dolphins will remain nothing more than a third place team as long as they have Henne at QB. My advice, trade him immediately in Franchise mode or hope Brett Favre is available in free agency.

Buffalo Bills: 73
Did you honestly expect anything different? The Bills are 28th ranked team in Madden 12 and it’s easy to see why. They only have two players on the roster rated an 89 overall or higher, and one of them is the punter. It’s going to be a sad year in Buffalo this year.

That concludes our preview of Madden NFL 12 AFC East teams. The Patriots are this year’s Beast from the East, followed closely by the New York Jets. The Dolphins follow a distant third and as usual the Bills are in cellar. What are your thoughts on the AFC East rankings? Check back daily for our continuous updates regarding Madden NFL 12 team overalls.