Luvinia Online Beta Key Giveaway

It seems many MMORPG’s have lost the social aspect of the genre. GMs rarely participate in live events and promises of real-time events go undelivered. Luvinia Online is going to change that. Outspark, the destination for many MMO fans, is welcoming gamers with open arms to take part in their closed beta.

The Luvinia Online closed beta will feature game content up to level 69 and have three main class archetypes and the first set of six subclasses available.

For those of you unfamiliar with Luvinia Online, it’s an upcoming free-to-play, 3D, fantasy MMORPG from Outspark where humans, orcs, gnomes and dwarves once co-existed in peace; however, destiny never stands still. The stars that once shined brightly over the humans now fade as the hearts of the other races turn against them. With the help of the Victoria Institute, heroes from across the land will challenge fate, taking up their weapons and protecting their land from treacherous invaders.

Game features include:

  • 3 class archetypes (warrior, magician, and rogue) with 12 subclasses for specialization
  • A variety of daily in-game events ranging from realm battles to epic treasure hunts
  • An easy quest UI with helpful auto-move features built into the hundreds of quests available
  • Over 50 cities to visit and 130+ maps to explore including under the sea and out into space

Some of the many daily live events include:

  • Luvster Race- All players who reach level 40 in the game during the closed beta will get a special Panda Rabbit Mount after the closed beta to help them hop a long.
  • Bingo Society- Don’t let the name fool you. In this weekly event held on Tuesdays, players must fight monsters to gain pieces of a treasure map that leads players to a bounty of epic loot.
  • Graduation Celebration- As the closed beta draws to an end, the GM’s will be in game to have a special graduation celebration with the players to answer questions, spawn monsters, and hold a variety of festive events.

How do you get a closed beta key?

First, you need to comment in the section below. If you use the Facebook comment section, then a beta key will be messaged to you on Facebook. If you use our comment section, then it will be sent to your personal message inbox in our forums sections.

Once you receive your beta key, here’s how you can redeem it:

Log in at: using your Outspark ID or click on the “Sign Up” button on the right side of the top toolbar to create a new account.
1. Go to the promotional redemption page at
2. Enter the beta key into the box and click “Submit.”
3. You’ll receive a pop-up confirmation that your beta code has worked.
4. Download the game. The client is available for download at:

Watch the Luvinia ‘The World Needs You’ Trailer